Enchiridion Of Practical Microbiology

authored by: Anshu Sibbal Chatli
ISBN: 9788119072033 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 168 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 14 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 384 GMS
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Microbiology has permeated various branches of biology, and microbiological techniques are employed successfully for various purposes, including quality assessment and for numerous industrial and biotechnological purposes. This book serves as a practical guide to microbiological techniques, covering all aspects of laboratory safety to microbial quality assessment.

This book provides essential, clear, and concise knowledge and practical information about enumeration and isolation of microorganisms. The primary objective of writing this book is to offer training protocols to students of Microbiology in handling and comprehending microorganisms and distinguishing eukaryotes and prokaryotes. The book outlines the various methods utilized to characterize and cultivate bacteria. The staining techniques for microbes are also included in the book. This book constitutes a comprehensive compendium of fundamental information on microorganisms, fungi, and yeasts. This book comprises 38 chapters intended for industrial professionals, environmental scientists, soil scientists, and food microbiologists. The segment of the book addresses the occurrence, morphology, and various biochemical assays for isolating and identifying a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.

The book's main features include antibiotic sensitivity tests, soil microbiology, and milk and meat quality assessment. This book also details rapid tests used for milk quality assessment to ensure the suitability of the milk for processing. This book will be beneficial for graduate and postgraduate students of agriculture, microbiology, biotechnology, and food science. Additionally, this book serves as a ready reference for quality assurance personnel working in R&D labs and food processing units.

1. Basic Laboratory Instructions, 2. Sterilization Protocols for Media and Glasswares, 3. Isolation and Enumeration of Bacteria by Pour Plate Method, 4. Isolation and Enumeration of Fungi by Pour Plate Method, 5. Isolation and Enumeration of Actinomycetes by Pour Plate Method, 6. Microbial Staining Methods, 7. Motility Test for Bacteria by Hanging Drop Method, 8.Total Counts of Microorganisms by Haemocytometry, 9. Study of  Microscope and Use of Stage and Ocular Micrometers, 10. Isolation and Culturing of Photosynthetic Bacteria, 11. Isolation of Rhizobium from Root Nodules, 12.  Enumeration of Rhizobium by MPN Method, 13.Isolation of Nitrifiers on Silica Gel, 14. Enumeration of Phosphate Solubilising Microorganisms in Soil, 15. Identification and Enumeration of Mycorrhizal Infection in Roots and Soil, 16. Test for Antibiotic Senstivity by Disc Method (Kirby Bauer Method), 17   To Study the Germicidal Effect of Ultraviolet Light on Bacterial Growth, 18. To Study the Effect of Temperature on Growth of Microorganisms, 19.Effect of Osmotic Pressure on Growth of Bacteria, 20.  Effect of pH on Growth of Bacteria, 21. Measurement of Phosphatase Activity of Soils, 22.    Determination of Urease Activity of Soils, 23. Measurement of Dehydrogenase Activity of Soils, 24.     Nitrogenase Activity of Legume Nodule by Acetylene Reduction Assay (ARA), 25. Measurement of Methane Using Gas Chromatograph, 26. Determination of Total Nitrogen in Azotobacter Cells,27.     Measurement of Microbial Biomass Carbon in Soils by Fumigation-extraction Technique, 28.     Determination of Labile Carbon in Soil, 29. Carbon and Nitrogen in Organic Matter, 30. Estimation of Biochemical Constituents Like Cellulose, Hemicellulose, Lignin and Ash from Organic Manures/ Plant Materials, 31. Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand, 32.     Quantitative Examination of Microbes in Food Products, 33. Bacteriological Examination of Milk by Direct Microscopic Method, 34. Enumeration of Bacteria in Milk by Standard Plate Count Method and Presumptive Tests for Coliforms, 35.Determination of Microbial Quality of Milk by Methylene Blue Reduction Assay, 36. Determination of Microbial Quality of Milk by Resazurin Test, 37. Preservation of Meat and Meat Products

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