Modern Techniques For Crop Management

authored by: U.S. Walia
ISBN: 9788119103003 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 668 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 40 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 1045 GMS
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The book provides extensive information on profitable soil less farming techniques, such as hydroponics, as well as modern techniques like precision farming, conservation agriculture, and remote sensing. It also covers the use of nanotechnology, leaf color charts for efficient nitrogen use, laser land leveling, and value-added farming practices. Climate-smart agriculture, organic farming, and global warming are also discussed, along with crop residue management techniques and the use of bioherbicides.

The book also covers the latest practices for cultivating cereal, oilseed, pulse, and commercial crops. In addition, it discusses the integrated farming system and allied enterprises, as well as the important uses of medicinal, aromatic, and spice crops. The book includes information on dry land agriculture, plant nutrition, and crop management in problematic soils. It also provides tips for achieving higher crop yields and using herbicides effectively to control problematic weeds. This book will be extremely useful for students of agriculture, particularly in the field of agronomy.

1.  History and Role of Agronomy in Agriculture, 2. Hydroponics::A Profitable Technique in Agriculture,  3.  Advanced Topics in Agronomy,  4. Climate Change and Global Warming , 5. Latest Practices for Cultivation of Cereal Crops, 6. Latest Practices for Cultivation of Oilseed Crops,7. Latest Practices for Cultivation of Pulses, 8. Latest Practices for Cultivation of Commercial Crops, 9. Conservation Agriculture, 10. Important Uses of Medicinal, Aromatic and Spice Crops, 11. Crop Residue Management Techniques, 12.Integrated Farming System and Allied Enterprises,13. Role of Organic Farming in Agriculture, 14. Bioherbicides and Agricultural Biotechnology: New Approaches in Weed Management, 15. Dryland Agriculture and Its Farming Systems, 16. Efficient Irrigation  Managament Practices, 17.  Role of Plant Nutrition in Crop Production, 18. Hints for Achieving Higher Yield of Field Crops, 19. Crop Management in Problematic Soils, 20.  Weed Management With Judicious Use of Herbicides

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