Soil Profiling and Management

edited by: Amar Singh Gaur & Jagannath Pathak
ISBN: 9788119103232 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 260 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
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Soil analysis, Agricultural soil testing, Soil fertility assessment, Precision farming, Crop management, Soil health monitoring, Nutrient profiling, Soil sampling techniques, Sustainable agriculture, Field mapping, Moisture retention, Organic matter content, Crop yield optimization, Soil structure analysis, Irrigation management, pH level monitoring, Soil nutrient management, Soil moisture management, Land productivity, Sustainable soil practices, Agroecology, Soil classification, Soil texture analysis, Environmental soil assessment, Land management strategies

The edited book comprises of eighteen chapters, with an equal emphasis given to the discussion of various items related to soil science in all of the chapters. This has been done keeping in mind the needs of students, scientists, plant nutritionists, and other individuals who are interested in studying soil science and soil health.

Each chapter of the book is arranged sequentially, with some problems at the end to facilitate easy understanding of the subject matter. The first seventeen chapters focus on various aspects of soil, including the formation of rocks and minerals, the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, and the different essential plant nutrients and their functions, absorption mechanisms, nutrient interactions, chelates, manurers, and fertilizers. These topics have been presented in response to the growing demand for soil science education, particularly among agricultural students. The final chapter is devoted to key issues related to soil health and their management.

1.  Weathering and Soil Formation Deepak Prajapati, Amar Singh Gaur, Jagannath Pathak and Sandeep Sahu

2.  Soil Physical Properties (Air, Water and Temperature)  Ravi Verma, Aniket Kumar Verma and Shivanand Maurya

3.  Ion Exchange of Clay Minerals Abhinav Yadav, Surybhan, Vedangi Awasthi and Sudhir Pal

4.  Soil Surveying and Mapping Ashutosh Kumar, Amar Singh Gaur, Deepak Prajapati and Deo Kumar

5.  Major Soils of India  Mukesh Kumar Jat, Rameshwar Singh and Prerna Dogra

6.  Concept of Soil pH and Nutrient Availability B. Jena, R.K. Nayak, Shradha Mohanty, P. K. Samant and D. Sethy

7.  Soil Salinity and Alkalinity Pramod Kumar, Vikas Singh, Ravi Kumar and Dushyant

8.  Problematic Soils and their Management Sandeep Yadav, Kumar Anshuman, Sugandha Chauhan and Arushi Yadav

9.  Manures and Fertilizers Sandeep Kumar Verma, Aparna Verma, Ankit Tiwari and Himanshu Pandey

10.  Role of Bio-fertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture Devi Lal Kikraliya and Praveen Kumar Nitharwal

11.  Transformation of Nutrients in Submerged Soils Lakshya Choudhary, Sushil Kumar Kharia and Manisha Ranwa

12.  Soil Fertility Evaluation Techniques  Suraj Mishra, Kaushlendra Mani Tripathi and Anurag Singh Suman

13.  Role of Soil Microbes in Soil Fertility Sustainability Pravesh Kumar, Sudhir Pal, Ravi Verma and Amar Singh Gaur

14.  Crop Residue Management for Boosting Soil Fertility Sandeep Sahu, Shweta Gupta, G. S. Panwar, Amar Singh Gaur and Deepak Prajapati

15.  Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration: A Soil Health Perspective  Shreyasi Gupta Choudhury and Tapati Banerjee

16.  Soil Pollution Arushi Yadav, Abhishek Yadav and Sandeep Yadav

17.  Effect of Biochar on Performance of Crops and Soil Health Ankit Tiwari, Jagannath Pathak, Shankar Dayal Bharti, Mahendra Pratap Singh and Sandeep Kumar Verma

18   Key Issues of Soil Health and their Management Amar Singh Gaur, Jagannath Pathak, Amit Mishra and J.K Tiwari

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