Recent Advances in Poultry Nutrition

edited by: M.T. Banday, Sheikh Adil, Manzoor A. Wani
ISBN: 9788119103799 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 330 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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The book presents extensive information on the latest advancements and anticipated future developments in the domain of poultry nutrition. Historically, the primary objective was to increase meat and egg production to fulfill the growing global demand for animal protein. However, contemporary demands in the poultry industry are not solely focused on optimizing the biological and economic performance of birds, but also encompass societal concerns such as environmental impact, animal welfare, antibiotic growth promoters, traceability, and the use of genetically modified ingredients. Therefore, the book has been designed to incorporate recent scientific research findings and serve as a reliable resource for students, educators, researchers, and industry professionals in the field of poultry nutrition.

1.       Nutritional Requirements of Chicken - An Overview - S.V.S. Verma, S.K. Bhanja & M.T. Banday

2.       Recent Advances in Amino Acid Nutrition in Chicken - P.K. Shukla

3.       Recent Advances in Organic Minerals in Poultry Nutrition - Chandra Deo & Divya Sharma

4.       Application of Biotechnology in Poultry Nutrition - Jaydip R. and Monika M.

5.       Nano-biotechnology in Poultry Nutrition: The Hindsight - S.K. Bhanja and S.V.S. Verma

6.       Gut Health: What’s New in Chicken Nutrition? - Deben Sapcota and Dimpi Choudhury

7.       Latest Trends in Feed Additives in Chicken Nutrition - Amitav Bhattacharyya and Pankaj Kumar Shukla

8.       Enzyme Technology in Poultry Nutrition: Present and Future Scenario - Praveen K. Tyagi, Rokade J. and Monika M.

9.       Role of Phytase in Poultry Nutrition - H.P. Shrivastava

10.     Exploration of Natural Additives in Poultry Production - D. Uma Maheswari, N. Elanchezhian, R. Suresh and George Dominic

11.     Early Chick Nutrition - S. Adil, Manzoor A. Wani, I.U. Sheikh and M.T. Banday

12.     Aflatoxins-Hazard to Poultry Production - Y.A. Beigh, Haidar Ali Ahmad, M.T. Banday, S. Adil and Z. Haq

13.     Mycotoxicological Challenges in Poultry - Krishnamurthy T.N. and G. Devegowda

14.     Application of in-ovo Technology in Poultry - Vignesh G., Gajendiran K. and Srinivasan G.

15.     Nutritional Factors Affecting Fertility and Hatchability of Eggs - Manzoor A. Wani, S. Adil, M.T. Banday and I.U. Sheikh

16.     Feed Technological Interventions for Augmenting Poultry Productivity - Y.A. Beigh, A.M. Ganai, S. Adil, M.T. Banday and Z. Haq

17.     Solid State Fermentation of Feeds for Poultry - Ramesh Sharma

18.     Alternative Feed Resources for Poultry Rations - Y.A. Beigh, A.M. Ganai, M.T. Banday, Haidar Ali Ahmad and S. Adil

19.     Low Protein Diets with Supplemental Amino Acids for Economical and Eco-Friendly Broiler Production - T.M. Prabhu, B.N. Suresh and C. Basavanta Kumar

20.     Functional Feed Ingredients and Supplements in Poultry Nutrition -  B.N. Suresh, M.C. Shivakumar and G.P. Hombegowda

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