Plant Breeding: Fundamentals and Applications

by A.K. Sharma
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Plant breeders employ a variety of techniques to improve the genetic composition of the crop and a successful strategy is dependent on the physical, physiological and hereditary characteristics of the plant.

A.K. Sharma is Professor and Head, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding and Department of Biotechnology COA, SKRAU, Bikaner. He is also are Arid Legumes Breeder.  Professor Sharma has published 75 research papers in various National and International repute journals besides participated in many National and International conferences.  He  has  published  six  books,  two  bulletins,  four folders,  five  practical  manuals,  and  two  research  books.  Professor Sharma has guided number of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students as a major advisor, actively engaged in teaching the courses of UG, PG and Ph.D. of Genetics and Plant Breeding and handles two Research Projects as PI. He has conducted three Webinar on various aspects as organizing secretary.  He is member of the Academic council of the university.

1. Plant Breeding and Its Objectives, 2. Centers of Origin, 3. Crop Genetic Resources and Introduction, 4. Apomixis in Plant Breeding, 5. Male Sterility and It’s Role in Agriculture,6. Self-Incompatibility and Its Applicationsbility, 7. Pollination in Plants,  8. Hybridization Techniques,9. Breeding Methods for Self Pollinated Crops, 10. Breeding Methods for Cross-Pollinated Crops,11. Botany of Some Important Crops, 12. Heterosis, Inbreeding and System of Mating,13. Hybrid and Synthetic Varieties, 13. Hybrid and Synthetic Varieties, 14. Breeding Methods for Vegetatively Propagated Crops, 15. Mutation Breeding, 16. Polyploidy Breeding, 17. Abiotic Stresses (Drought),18. Disease Resistance, 19. Variety Release Procedure, 20. Classes of Seed, 21. Crop Ideotypes, 22. Plant Tissue Culture, 23. Genetic Engineering,24. Molecular Markers, 25. Marker Assisted Selection and Quantitative Trait Loci, 26. Intellectual Property Right (IPR), 27. Biometry,28. Questions and Answers