Current Trends in Global Environment

by A.L. Bhatia
ISBN: 9788189422004 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 328 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2005
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“The present book "Current Trends in Global Environment" deals with each and every important and recent issue of environment with clear-cut facts in a lucid manner of presentation, which are likely to be come across by its readers, irrespective of their discipline. An attempt has been made to present the matter in a perceptible and comprehensible manner which would be equally important to a beginner and specialist.

Worthy for a reference for its up-to-date content that satisfy its user in a minimum of time. By far majority of books are from the mainstream with heavy a textual load. It has s on present day burning topics like The Greenhouse Effect, Natural Disasters i.e., Tsunami, Earthquake, Continental Drift, Sustainable Environment, Space Ecology, The Glossary will be useful for an individual new to the subject and anyone inexperienced in dealing with some aspects of the subjects. The index has been designed with upper most principle that it should be as complete as possible, of words and short phrases as they naturally appear in related species.

A.L. Bhatia: Professor and Head, Deptt.of Zoology, Coordinator, P.G. Studies in Microbiology, Director, Institute of Informatics & Instrumentation, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

01: Environment and Human 02: Natural Resources: Present Status and Future Needs 03: Natural Resources: Conservation and Management 04: Wildlife: Conservation and Management 05: Air Pollution 06: The Greenhouse Effect 07: El Nino and La Nina 08: Effects of Ozone Layer 09: Water Pollution 10: Soil Pollution 11: Noise Pollution 12: Pesticides Pollution 13: Natural Disasters and their Management 14: Tsunami 15: Continental Drift 16: Population and Urbanization 17: Space Ecology 18: Sustainable Environment.

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