Remote Sensing in Geomorphology

authored by: SM.Ramasamy
ISBN: 9788189422059 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 292 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2005
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The field of geomorphology is dedicated to the examination of the external landscape and architecture of the Earth's crust. This study serves as a testament to both the past and present geomorphic and dynamic activities that have shaped the Earth. Additionally, it provides insight into the evolution of the Earth and its resources, environment, and ecosystems, as well as its susceptibility to disasters. The use of remote sensing technology has significantly expanded the scope of geomorphology, allowing for the easy fabrication and animation of modern geological and geomorphic processes.

1. Pleistocene Earth Movements In Peninsular India- Evidences From Landsat MSS and Thematic Mapper Data 2. Remote Sensing and Pleistocene Tectonics of Southern Indian Peninsula 3. Evidences of Neotectonism Along Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu, Using IRS Data. 4. Pleistocene/ Holocene Graben Along Pondicherry -Cumbum Valley, Tamil Nadu, India 5. Neotectonic Controls on The Migration of Sarasvati River of The Great Indian Desert 6. Eyed Drainages Observed in IRS Imagery in Tamil Nadu, India and Their Geological Significance 7. Fluvial Anomalies and Neotectonics of Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India 8. Aid of Remote Sensing In Fluvial Geomorphic Mapping 9. Remote Sensing and River Migration In Western India 10. Remote Sensing of River Migration in Tamil Nadu 11. The Phenomenon of River Migration In Northern Tamil Nadu Evidence From Satellite Data, Archaeology and Tamil Literature 12. A Remote Sensing Study of River Deltas of Tamil Nadu 13. Detection of Submarine Delta along Madras Coast, India, Using IRS Imagery 14. Morpho- Tectonic Evolution of East and West Coasts of Indian Peninsula 15. Tectonic and Geomorphic Evolution of West Coast Along Mangalore- Cape Comorin Sector, India 16. Remote Sensing and Certain Challenging Coastal Engineering Geological Problems of Tamil Nadu Coast, India 17. Rapid Land Building Activity Along Vedaranniyam Coast and Its Possible Implications 18. Temporal Changes In Land -Water Distribution Pattern During 1930-1993 along The CoromandelCoast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Its Significance 19. Marine Environment Modeling Using Thematic Mapper Data 20. IRS -1A Imagery Senses Some Rapidly Building Islands along East Coast of Tamil Nadu 21. GIS Based Visualization of Land - Ocean Interactive Phenomenon along Vedaranniyam Coast,Tamil Nadu, India 22. Tectonically Induced Environmental Problems on and off Pondicherry Coast, Tamil Nadu, India.A Vision Through Remote Sensing 23. Landslides and Quaternary Tectonics of South India

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