Transgenic Animals in Agriculture: Indian Print

by Murray, J.D., G.B. Anderson, A.M. Oberbauer & M.M. Gloughlin
ISBN: 9788189422073 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 302 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2005
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 22.6 mm | Height: 229 mm
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In the past decade, a number of advances have been made in genetic engineering as applied to farmed animals. It has been written by representatives from the leading laboratories fro around the world involved in attempts to improve agriculturally important mammals, poultry and fish. Current knowledge , methodology, technical improvements and successes in applications of transgenic technology to a range of animals which are important in agriculture are brought together for the first time under one roof. Its an essential read for those interested in animal genetics, breeding and biotechnology.

J. D. Murray: Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology Programme, University of California, Davis, USA

1. Transgenic Farm Animals 2. Development of Genetic Tools for Transgenic Animals 3. One Gene is Not Enough. Transgene Detection, Expression and Control 4. Embryonic Stem Cells in Agricultural Species 5. Nuclear Transfer in the Production of Transgenic Farm Animals 6. Embryonic Stem Cell Chimaeras and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transplantation for Production of Transgenic Cattle 7. Status of Sperm-mediated Delivery Methods for Gene Transfer 8. Understanding the Origin of Avian Primordial Germ Cells. Implications for Germ Cell Culture and Transgenesis in Poultry 9. Generation of Transgenic Poultry by Transfection of Primordial Germ Cells 10. Expression of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I in Skeletal Muscle of Transgenic Swine 11. Production and Analysis of Transgenic Pigs Containing a Metallothionein Porcine Growth Hormone Gene Construct 12. The Utilization of Bacterial Genes to Modify Domestic Animal Biochemistry 13. Production of Transgenic Cattle expressing a Recombinant Protein in Milk 14. Changing the Composition and Properties of Milk 15. Comparison of Traditional Breeding and Transgenesis in Farmed Fish with Implications for Growth Enhancement and Fitness 16. Direct and Correlated Responses to Short-term Selection of 8-week Body Weight in Lines of Transgenic (oMt1a-oGH) Mice 17. Ethics, Animal Welfare and Transgenic Farm Animals 18. The Future of Transgenic Farm Animals

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