Mineral Exploration: Recent Strategies

edited by: S. Rajendran, K.Srinivasamoorthy & S.Aravindan
ISBN: 9788189422714 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 568 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2007
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Modern mineral exploration can be considered the modern pursuit of the solid earth, representing a vital link between mineral exploration and committed intellectual investment. Geochemists, geophysicists, geomatists, geotechnical engineers, mineral chemists, environmental scientists, ceramic engineers, metallurgists, and business communities with diverse interests and training needs are among the mineral explorers involved in this field. This volume addresses key areas such as mineral resources, modern exploration techniques, water resource exploration and exploitation, environmental studies, and economic development. The collection of illustrations, including maps, photographs, figures, satellite images, color photographs, and tables, will be valuable for students, researchers, field professionals, and decision-makers alike.

1. Uranium Mineralisation in Leucogranites Around Suryapet, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh by S.K. De, A.S.Khotpal, M.Rajani Kumar, B.Harirao, Mridula Chauhan, K. Raghuramaiah and A.Sivasamy 2. Rare Earth Minerals in Carbonatites and their Significance in Earth Science by G.B.Sukumaran and M.Kumar 3. Integrated Sequence and Chemostratigraphic Modeling A Sure-fire Technique for Stratigraphic Correlation Petroleum Exploration and Reservoir Characterization by Mu.Ramkumar and G.Sathish 4. India – A Potential Global Contestant in Ilmenite Placer Mineral Production by S. Vasudevan, M. Arumugam, R. Sakthivel and K.Vadivelan 5. Mineral Exploration – A Geomatics Perspective by R. Neelakantan, D. Ramesh and M.Karthikeyan 6. Chrysoberyl from Southern Tamil Nadu of South India, with Implications for Gondwana Studies by G. Manimaran, Deepak Bagai and P.T.Roy Chacko 7. Clay Mineralogical and Textural Studies of Warkalli Formation Varkala, Kerala by D. Senthil Nathan, Arun K. Sreedhar and R.Resmi 8. Geological Setting and Physico – Chemical Properties of Uttatur Clays, Ariyalur Area, Tamil Nadu by R. Prabhakaran, M. Arumugam, R.S.Kumar, T.Jeyavel Rajakumar and B.Selvaraj 9. Role of Microfossils in Identifying the Source Rocks for Oil in Nagaland, India by R.Venkatachalapathy, Kapesa Lokho and D.S.N..Raju 10. Heavy Mineral Enrichment Pattern in the Vaippar River and its Significance to the Vaippar Beach Placer Deposits Southern Tamil Nadu, India by P.Udayaganesan, N.Angusamy , J.Sahayam and G.Victor Rajamanickam Modern Techniques For Exploration of Resources: 11. Lineament Detection to Identify Probable Location of Mineralized Zone - A Case Study in Panchmahal District Gujarat Western India - Using Remote Sensing Techniques by G.Bhaskaran, S.Rajendran and N.Radhakrishnan 12. Remote Sensing Applications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Pericratonic Basins of the Tamil Nadu Coast by D.Ramesh, S.Palanivel, R.Neelakantan and S.Mahendran 13. Mapping of Geology and Structure of Iron Ore Deposits in Parts of Salem District Using Remote Sensing Technique by A.Thirunavukkarasu, S.Rajendran and B.Poovalingaganesh 14. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Identification of Groundwater Potential Zones in Gadilam Lower Sub Basin of Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu –A Case Study by D.Radhakrishnan, M.Ramalingam 15. Geological and Geomorphological Features in and Around Salem, Tamil Nadu by K.Sankar 16. Geoelectrical Response Over Archaean Hard Rocks of Sankaran Kovil and Tenkasi Taluks of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu by T.Jeyavel Rajakumar, R.S.Kumar and S.Rajendran 17. Targeting Potential Groundwater Zones in Hard Rock Environment Using GIS for Rural Development– An Integrated Approach by C.Lakshumanan and M.Govindaraju 18. A Remote Sensing and Gis Approach to Groundwater Prospecting in Gayatri River Basin, Kerala, India by A.P.Sreejith and Amit K.Bhattacharya 19. Regional Geological Setting and Major Geochemical Pattern of Upper Agniar and Vellar Basins, Tamil Nadu by S.Palanivel 20. Inverse Slope Method of Interpretation of Geoelectrical Sounding Curves and Its Application for Groundwater Exploration in Crystalline Rock Terrains by T.S.Badrinarayanan and R.Venkatesan 21. Groundwater Prospective Zones in Western Doon Valley Using Remote Sensing and GIS by R.S.Kumar and S.Aravindan 22. Aerogeophysical Data as Tool in Mapping and Mineral Exploration – Case Studies by T.V.Ramachandran 23. Mapping of Groundwater Recharge Zones of A Watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS by G.Kannan and S.Poongothai 24. Simulation of Groundwater Contamination in Upper Palar River Basin, Tamil Nadu by C.Sivakumar and L.Elango 25. Demarcating Groundwater Potential Zone by Using Ves Method in Kadayampatty Panchayat Union Salem District, Tamil Nadu by K.R.Ravindran, S.Venketeswaran, G.Vanaraju, S.Karthikeyan, C.Praba 26. Groundwater Prospects Mapping Using Remote Sensing and Gis Techniques - A Case Study in Theni District, Tamil Nadu by K. Vaithiyanathan, M.Kamaraj, M.Ramalinagam and N.Raja Exploration and Exploitation of Water Resources: 27. Study of Trace Element Concentration in Part of Neveli Aquifer, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu by S.Aravindan and I.Jainamb 28. Hydrogeochemical Study of Mecheri Panchayat Union Salem District Tamil Nadu by S.Venkateswaran, S.Karuppannan, K.R.Ravindran, R.Saravanan 29. Exploration and Development of Groundwater in the Crystalline Rocks of Composit Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu by G.Bhaskaran, S.Rajendran and R.Jaganathan 30. Spatial Analyses of Crop Water Requirement in Buthangudy Canal Command Area Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu India Using Gis Techniques by B.S.Nagashree, N.Manikumari and S.Rajendra 31. An Integrated Geophysical Approach for Groundwater Prospecting in the Omalur Panchayat Union Salem District, Tamil Nadu by S.Venkateswaran and A.Karthikeyan 32. Analysis of Groundwater Quality in Cuddalore District Using Geographic Information System by S.Jothi Ganesh and S.Rajendran 33. Priliminary Studies of Hydrogeochemical Behaviour in Valapadi Taluk Salem District, Tamil Nadu by B.Gurugnanam, N.Prabhakaran, S.Radha and S.Murugan 34. A Study on Thermodynamic Stability of Groundwater in Different Lithounits From Gadilam River Basin Tamil Nadu, India by S.Chidambaram, M.V.Prasanna, K. Srinivasamoorthy and P.Anandhan 35. Cyanobacterial Diversity in the Veeranam Lake with Special Reference to Soil Microflora – Using Sem-insa-eds by K. Sivakumar and R.Senthilkumar 36. Hydrogeochemistry of Fluoride in Groundwater from Northwestern Part of Salem District, Tamil Nadu by K.Srinivasamoorthy, S.Chidambaram, P.Anandhan ,S.Vasudevan and M.V.Prasanna 37. Occurrence of High Fluoride in Parts of Kadyampatty Area of Omalur Taluk in Salem District by M.Arumugam, K.Manokaran and R.Venkatesan 38. Assessment of Surface Water Resources of A Watershed Using GIS by N. Nagarajan and S.Poongothai 39. Addressing the Extent of Aquifer for Groundwater Favorability through GIS in Valapadi Taluk, Salem District, Tamil Nadu by B.Gurugnanam, S.Vasudevan, N.Prabaharan, N.Vijayakumar and S.Murugan Environmental Studies: 40. Applications of Geochemical Strategy for Suitable Site Selection in Coastal Region by R.Arthur James and A.Rajendran 41. Airborne Altimetric Lidar in Coastal Management by V.Emayavaramban and A.Ganesh 42. Environment Baseline and Impact Assessment of Ptk Mines by K.M.Barath Chandran, S.Senthilkumar, M.Manivel 43. Hydrogeological Studies of Ptk Mines Using Remote Sensing and GIS by M.Deepasaraswathi, S.Preetha, P.Madhumitha, T.Ramasubbulakshmi, C.Chitra and M.Manivel Economic Development: 44. Geoscientific Criteria and Commercial Significance of Pyroxene Syenite of Slvamalai Area,Periyar District, Tamil Nadu by G.B.Sukumaran, R.Balaji and M.Kumar 45. Valuation of Granite Deposits by B.Kanishkan

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