Efficiency Indices for Agriculture Management Research

authored by: P. Devasenapathy, T.Ramesh & B.Gangwar
ISBN: 9788189422882 | Binding: Paperback | Pages: 160 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2008
Length: 140 mm | Breadth: 14.4 mm | Height: 216 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 220 GMS
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sustainable agricultural management, productivity, profitability, energy efficiency, agricultural inputs, efficiency indices, sustainability indicators, nutrient management, water management, weed management, cropping system, farming system, meteorological studies, crop physiology, economic assessment, watershed development, statistical tools

Sustainable agricultural management technologies should be investigated in terms of their capacity to boost productivity, profitability, and energy efficiency, while also reducing the consumption of agricultural inputs. To achieve this, efficiency indices and sustainable indicators should be employed. This book serves as a comprehensive source of information on the efficiency indices and sustainability indicators employed in various branches of agricultural management research, such as nutrient, water, and weed management, cropping and farming system studies, meteorological and crop physiological studies, and economic assessments of management techniques. The book has been divided into ten chapters to ensure that all aspects of sustainable agricultural management are covered. It is intended for teachers, students, researchers, policy makers, and extension workers who are engaged in agricultural management research strategies.

01. Introduction 02. Meteorological Studies 03. Crop Physiological Studies 04. Nutrient Management Studies 05. Water Management Studies 06. Weed Management 07. Cropping and Farming System Studies 08. Impact Assessment of Watershed Development and Management 09. Economic Assessment of Agronomic Studies 10.Statistical Tools in Agronomic Research

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