Biotechnology: Practical Manual Series Vol 04

by Dr.Thara Menon
ISBN: 9788190851237 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 254 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2009
Length: 140 mm | Breadth: 19.8 mm | Height: 216 mm
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“Biotechnology: laboratory manual provides basic protocols required for students of undergraduate and postgraduate programme. The protocols are explained in a simplified manner and are very easy to conduct. T

he book is a collection of experiments from all fields of biotechnology and will become a companion for all those who do research in the field of biotechnology. Attention is given to include most of the basic protocols.

This book will provide first hand valuable information for all those who are interested in biotechnology research."

K.M. Thara: Department of Biotechnology, University of Calicut, CU Campus, Thenjippalam, Malappram District, Kerala-673 635, India

Section I - Units of measurements: 01. Different units used in measurements 02. Solution preparation Section II - Biotechnology laboratory: 03. General precautions and requirements 04. Equipments 05. Principles of some common instruments Section III – Biochemistry: 06. Biochemical preparations 07. Biochemical estimations 08. Biochemical separations Section IV – Enzymes: 09. Enzymes 10. Enzyme assays 11. Enzyme extraction Section V – Microbiology: 12. General microbiology 13. Media preparation Section VI - Plant biotechnology: 14. Plant tissue culture 15. Plant molecular biology Section VII - Animal biotechnology: 16. General requirements and experiments in animal biotechnology 17. Animal cell culture 18. Embryonic stem (ES) cells Section VIII - Molecular biology: 19. General molecular biology procedures

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