Information Technology in Veterinary Science

by Vivek M.Patil
ISBN: 9788190851244 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 210 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2009
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“Information Technology (IT) has permeated all spheres of life in the Twenty-First century, and veterinary science is no exception. The exposure of veterinary students to information technology has increased many-fold over the years with the advent of computer-aided learning, IT-enabled devices and the internet. Veterinary scientists routinely use advanced equipment with computer interfaces for their research. Field veterinarians in many states are already using computers and the internet for compiling data for sample surveys, livestock census, technical reports and human resource management. This has led to the creation of a whole new branch of science called “Veterinary Informatics”. This book covers not only the basics of information technology like understanding computers and software, but also its various practical applications in the field of veterinary science like livestock health care, disease monitoring and surveillance, telemedicine, veterinary hospital management software, herd management software etc. The role of the internet in aiding veterinarians has been emphasized –separate s on internet usage, internet resources, online library resources, and social networking have been included, along with a classified list of useful websites. There are s on e-learning and the application of IT in the improvement of veterinary education. The language and expression used are simple, so that even people with no previous knowledge of computers can comprehend the concepts easily. Screenshots and illustrations have been used to better explain certain ideas. Many of the commonly-used IT terms are listed in a Glossary for easy reference. The day is not far when concepts like hospital management software, management information systems, paperless office, internet-enabled diagnosis, real-time disease monitoring and surveillance, geographical information systems, telemedicine etc. will become part of the day-to-day activities of veterinarians. This book aims to create awareness regarding these concepts and empower veterinarians with the necessary skills required to face future challenges.”

Vivek M. Patil: Assistant Professor, Department of Livestock Production Management Veterinary College, Bidar, Karnataka University, Animal and Fisheries Science University, Nandinagar, P.B. No.6, Bidar-585 401, Karnataka,India

01. Information technology and its applications by Vivek M. Patil. 02. Computer basics by Vivek M. Patil and M.D. Suranagi. 03. Basics of software by M.D. Suranagi. 04. Application software by Santosh P. arangamath and Vivek M. Patil. 05. The internet by Vivek M. Patil and Vikas Vohra. 06. Application of information technology in animal health by Shrikant Kulkarni, A.M. Kotresh and Santosh P. Sarangamath. 07. Veterinary hospital management software by Santosh P. Sarangamath and Vivek M. Patil. 08. Telemedicine in veterinary practice by Vivek R. Kasaralikar. 09. Application of information technology in disease monitoring and surveillance by Pradeep Swamy and Sandeep Halmandge. 10. Role of information technology in the improvement of veterinary education by Vivek M. Patil and M.M. Appannavar. 11. e-Learning for veterinarians by A.M. Kotresh and Shrikant Kulkarni. 12. Herd management software by Vivek M. Patil. 13. Internet resources related to veterinary and animal science by Vijay Kumar M. and U.S. Jadhav. 14. Online library resources for veterinarians by U.S. Jadhav and Vijay Kumar M. 15. Application of social networking in veterinary practice by Ravi Raidurg. 16. Tips for the purchase and maintenance of computers by Vivek M. Patil and M.D. Suranagi. 17. Glossary of IT Terms by Vivek M. Patil.