Geological Hazards: Causes,Consequences and Methods of Containments

by Mu Ramkumar
ISBN: 9788190851275 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 326 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2009
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This book presents comprehensive information on the types of geohazards that impact not only the human society but also the natural resources as well. Authored by experts working on characterization and modeling geohazard phenomena and vulnerability of different regions of World towards specific types of geohazards. Individual s are devoted to every geohazard type, detailing it in terms of definition, types, causes, likely impacts on socio-economic milieu and natural environment, methods of mitigation and relief and rescue procedures. Case studies and specific s on systematic of geohazard vulnerability mapping, information dissemination and relief and rescue operations are also included in this book.

Mu. Ramkumar: Department of Geology, Periyar University, Salem - 636 011, Tamil Nadu, India

01. Types, Causes and Strategies for Mitigation of Geological Hazards 02. An Introduction to Tsunami and Characterization of Tsunamigenic Sediments with the Help of Microfossils 03. History and Geotectonics of Tsunami with Special Reference to the Indian Ocean 04. Andaman-Nicobar Island Arc in the Evolving Tectonic Scenario of Bay of Bengal 05. Assessment of Tsunami Hazard Along Thangapatnam – Ovari Coast, Tamil Nadu, Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques 06. Earthquake – The Creator of Geohazards 07. Earth Tremors in Jind Region, Central Haryana. Seismogenesis and Mitigation 08. Volcanoes, Volcanism and Mitigation 09. Characterization and Mitigation of Landslides in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu 10. Cyclone Disaster Management with Special Reference to Orissa Coast, India 11. An Introduction to Drought 12. GIS Based Model for Drought Assessment 13. Flooding – A Manageable Geohazards 14. Environmental Policies of India and Mitigation of Geohazards in Coastal Areas 15. Coastal Erosion in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts, Karnataka . Implications on Effective Coastal Zone Management 16. Quicksand. A Lesser-Known Geohazards; But not a Lesser Evil 17. Glacial Lake Burst in the Lunana Area, Bhutan. A Consequence of Global Warming 18. An Attitudinal Approach in Management of Disaster Mitigation and Risk Reduction