Agricultural Engineering: A Practical Manual

by P. Kandaswamy
ISBN: 9788194766803 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 342 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2021
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 25 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA
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This book on Agricultural Engineering integrates post harvest engineering, protected cultivation, land surveying and soil-water conservation engineering. The book organizes the scattered information and provides better practical skills to the students and to serve as a practical reference book for the undergraduate students of Agricultural Science, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering.

The book includes different topics as per the undergraduate agricultural science curriculum. The book will suit to the needs of Agricultural Polytechnics, Trainees of professional training institutions including post harvest laboratories, KVK, Soil Conservations Training Centres.

P. Kandasamy, Ph.D, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Visva-Bharati (A Central University), Sriniketan-731 236, West Bengal, India

1. Determination of Size and Shape of The Agricultural Materials 2. Determination of Bulk Density of The Agricultural Materials 3. Determination of Tapped Bulk Density and Flowability of The Food Powder 4. Determination of Porosity of The Biological Materials 5. Determination of Specific Gravity of The Agricultural Materials by Pycnometer Method 6.Determination of Volume of The Agricultural Materials 7. Determination of Water Solubility and Absorption Index of The Food Materials 8.  Determination of Angle of Repose of Biological Materials 9.Determination of Thermal Conductivity of the Agricultural Materials by Probe Method 10.Determination of Specific Heat of The Agricultural Materials by Differential Scanning Calorimetry Method 11.Estimation of Calorific Value of the Agricultural Materials by Bomb Clorimeter 12.Determination of Texture Profile of The Different Food Materials 13.Determination of Moisture Content of Food Materials By Hot-air Oven Method 14.  Determination of Moisture Content of Food Grains By Digital Moisture Meter 15.Determination of Moisture Content of Biological Materials by Distillation Method 16.Numerical Problems on Grain Moisture Content and Equilibrium Moisture Content 17.Determination of Drying Rate of Agricultural Products 18.Study of Drying Characteristics of Grains and Evolution of Lab Model Thin Layer Dryer 19.Study of Drying Characteristics of The Grains by Fluidized Bed Drying 20.Study on Performance Evaluation of Seed Cleaner Cum Grader 21.Performance Evaluation of Inclined Belt Separator 22.Performance Evaluation of Specific Gravity Separator 23.Performance Evaluation of Spiral Separator 24.Performance Evaluation of Groundnut Decorticator 25.Performance Evaluation of The Maize Sheller 26.Performance Evaluation of Paddy Parboiling Unit 27.Study of Shelling Efficiency of The Rubber Roll Paddy Dehusker 28.Design of Bag Storage System 29. Design of Shallow and Deep Bins 30.   Design of Screw Conveying System 31. Design of Bucket Elevator 32. Design of Belt Conveying System 33.Determination of Conveying Efficiency of Screw Conveyor 34.    Determination of Conveying Efficiency of Bucket Elevator 35.Cost of Operation of Processing Machineries 36.    Study of Greenhouse Construction: Free Standing Gable and Quonset Type Greenhouses 37.    Design of Greenhouse Heating System 38. Design of Greenhouse Cooling System 39 Study of Chain Survey Tools and Equipment 40. Measurement of Horizontal Distance Using Metric Chain 41.    Determination of Area of The Field by Triangulation Method of Chain Survey 42. Determination of Area of The Given Field by Cross-Staff Survey 43. Computation of Area of Irregular Shape of The Field 44.    Studies on Prismatic Compass and Angular Measurement 45.Determination of Area of The Open Field by Radiation Method of Compass Survey 46.Determination of Area of Given Field and Included Angle of the Closed Polygon by Compass Survey 47Determination of Area of The Field by Radiation Method of Plane Table Survey 48.Determination of Area of The Field by Intersection Method of Plane Table Survey 49.    Determination of Area of The Field by Traversing Method of Plane Table Survey  50.    Studies on Leveling Instruments and Simple Leveling 51 Determination of The Elevation of Different Points With Dumpy Level 52.  Profile Levelling Determination of Reduced Levels and Plotting of the Road Profile 53.Preparation of Contour Map by Direct Method 54. Determination of Contours by Grid Method 55. Determination of Contours by Cross-Section Method 56. Determination of Contours by Radial Lines Method 57.Measurement of Irrigation Water by Volumetric Method 58.   Measurement of Irrigation Water by Area-velocity Method 59. Measurement of Irrigation Water by Using Weirs 60.Measurement of Irrigation Water by Using Orifice 61Measurement of Irrigation Water by Parshall Flume 62.Measurement of Irrigation Water Flowing Through A Pipe by Venturimeter 63 Design of Grassed Water Ways or Open Channel 64.Design of Contour Bunding System 65. Design of Graded Bunds 66.Design of Bench Terracing System  67.Estimation of Soil Loss by Universal Soil Loss Equation