A Practical Manual on Geology and Soils

by A.S. Mailappa
ISBN: 9788194766834 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 128 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2020
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Soil Science is a unique discipline concerning a complex material that is part of many natural and utilitarian systems. Geology is the applied discipline of science and is now established as an interdisciplinary subject within agriculture, soil and environmental science as the agriculturists and soil /environmental scientists heavily require geological knowledge and information to apply in the field.This book is a easy ready reckoner cum reference on geology and soils for the undergraduate students of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry.

The author has presented his academic & professional experience and conception on all aspects of geology and soils, and the book is written in a very simpler and lucid manner.This book is primarily intended for the students and scientists associated with agriculture and allied disciplines, for having a better understanding, a prerequisite for progressing ahead in acquiring in-depth knowledge on the application aspects of soil science in relation to crop growth.

A.S.Mailappa: Associate Professor (Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry), Department of Natural Resource Management, College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural Univerisy, Pasighat-791 102, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh, India

1. Analytical Chemistry - Basic Concepts 2. Laboratory Vessels and Their Uses 3. Basic Principles of Analytical Techniques and Instrumental Methods 4. Analytical Chemistry - Basic Calculations 5. Analytical Chemistry - Basic Techniques 6. Preparation of Primary Standard Solutions 7. Preparation of Secondary Standard Solution of an Acid 8. Preparation of Secondary Standard Solution of a Base 9. Collection and Preparation of Soil Samples for Laboratory Analysis 10. Determination of Soil Moisture 11. Determination of Bulk Density, Particle Density and Pore Space of Soil (Cylinder Method) 12. Determination of Soil Texture (International/Robinson’s Pipette Method) 13. Determination of Infiltration Rate of Soil 14. Determination of Maximum Water Holding Capacity of Soil (Keen-Rackzowski/Hilgard Apparatus Method) 15. Estimation of Soil pH 16. Estimation of Electrical Conductivity of Soil 17. Estimation of Organic Carbon Content of Soil [Titrimetric/ Walkley and Black (1934) Method] 18. Determination of Available Nitrogen in Soil[Alkaline Permanganate/Subbiah and Asija (1956) Method] 19. Estimation of Available Phosphorus in Soil [Bray’s Method (Bray and Kurtz, 1945) – Acid Soils] 20. Estimation of Available Potassium in Soil (Neutral Normal Ammonium Acetate Method) 21. Estimation of Available Sulphur in Soil[Williams and Steinbergs (1959) Method] 22. Determination of Lime Requirement of Soil[Shoemaker, Mc Lean and Pratt (SMP) Method, 1961] 23. Determination of Gypsum Requirement of Soil [Schoonover (1952) Method] 24. dentification of Some Important Rocks 25.    Identification of Some Important Minerals