Basic Concepts in Fruit Science

authored by: Niranjan Singh, D.P.Sharma & Neerja Sankhyan
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ISBN: 9788194766865 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 300 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 21 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 570 GMS
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Pomology, Horticulture, Fruit Anatomy, Botanical Classification, Fruit Development, Fruit Morphology, Seed Dispersal, Fruit Ripening, Pollination, Fruit Breeding, Fruit Cultivars, Fruit Genetics, Fruit Physiology, Fruit Harvesting, Fruit Storage, Fruit Diseases, Fruit Nutrition, Fruit Growth Stages, Fruit Industry, Fruit Research, Fruit Varieties, Fruit Production, Fruit Quality, Fruit Ecology

The realm of pomological crops comprises tropical, sub-tropical, temperate fruits, minor fruits, and plantation crops. The publication "Basic Concepts in Fruit Science" is a thorough, up-to-date, and extensive book on these crops, offering an overview of the advancements in crop production and enhancement; classification, nomenclature, systematics, genetics, breeding, crop improvement, and crop production management.

This book is written in a point-to-point manner to facilitate easy comprehension for students, researchers, and educators. It is designed to function as a practical guide for learners, teachers, researchers, and enthusiasts involved in Fruit Science. This book will serve as a useful resource for students and teachers to evaluate their knowledge in the broader field of fruit science.

1. Introduction and Research of Fruit Crops 2. Post-Harvest Management and Marketing 3. Plant Propagation in Fruit Crops 4. Physiological Disorders in Fruit Crops 5. Canopy Management in Fruit Crops 6. Breeding in Fruit crops 7. Hi-Tech Horticulture 8. Mango 9. Apple 10. Banana 11. Citrus 12. Coconut 13. Pineapple 14. Papaya 15. Pear 16. Sapota 17. Litchi 18. Plum 19. Guava 20. Grape 21. Peach 22. Kiwifruit 23. Apricot 24. Cherry 25. Avocado 26. Cashew 27. Persimmon 28. Strawberry 29. Walnut 30. Fig 31. Anola 32. Pomegranate 33. Date palm 34. Almond 35. Pecannut 36. Chestnut 37. Hazelnut 38. Pistachio nut 39. Jackfruit 40. Ber 41. Jamun 42. Beal 43. Karonda 44. Mulberry 45. Phalsa 46. Tamarind 47. Woodapple

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