A Textbook on Advances Production Technology of Temperate Fruits

authored by: Amit Kumar, Rahul Dev, Ajay Kumar, Sajeel Ahamad & Maneesh Kumar
ISBN: 9788196458812 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 340 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 24 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: PMW (PUBLISH MY WORK) | Weight: 900 GMS
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The horticulture sector, often regarded as the most thriving and sustainable sector within global agriculture, encompasses the comprehensive management of a diverse range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, plantation crops, spices, medicinal plants, and aromatic crops, during both the pre- and post-harvest phases. Fruits, in particular, occupy a vital position within horticulture, significantly contributing to driving our economy forward. In recent years, the demand for temperate fruits has increased substantially, necessitating advancements in production technology to meet this demand. This has led to the development of innovative techniques for fruit cultivation. The advancements in production technology have not only improved the quality and quantity of temperate fruits but also resulted in higher yields and enhanced economic returns for growers. Therefore, it is crucial to continue investing in the development and implementation of advances in production technology to meet the increasing demand for fruits and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the fruit industry.

This comprehensive guide offers in-depth information on all aspects of temperate fruit production. Designed to satisfy the demand for a high-quality reference cum edited book among students, the authors have done an excellent job of compiling all the necessary information related to temperate fruit production technology. They have presented it clearly and concisely, making it easily understandable and applicable.

1. Advances Production Technology of Apple - Amit Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Sajeel Ahamad, Maneesh Kumar and Vishal Gangwar

2. Advances Production Technology of Pear - Imran Ali, Vibhu Pandey, Jagraj Singh, Prashant Gautam and Vijay Pratap Yadav

3. Advances Production Technology in Peach - Pavan Prajapati, Piyusha Sharma and Neha Kumari

4. Advances Production Technology of Plum – Charu Shekhawat and Deeksha Gautam

5. Advances Production Technology of Apricot - Sanjay Chetry, Shruthi S, Manjula Rakshi and J. Auxcilia

6. Advances Production Technology of Cherry -Abdullah Zaid, Shivam Chaurasia and Paraman and Prajapati

7. Advances Production Technology of Almond –Satyarath Sonkar, Anushi, Rajat Rajput, Nitin Kumar Chouhan and Vikas Patel

8. Advances Production Technology of Walnut -Amit Kumar and Sajeel Ahamad, Satvaan Singh, Khursheed Alam and Imran Ali

9. Advances Production Technology of Pecan Nut -Maneesh Kumar, Amit Kumar, SajeelAhamad, Chhail Bihari and Vivek Saurabh

10. Advances Production Technology of Pistachio Nut –Sajeel Ahamad, Ganesh Kumar Choupdar, Chhail Bihari, Amit Kumar, Maneesh Kumar and Vinod BR

11. Advances Production Technology of Chestnut -Ajay Kumar, Amit Kumar, Shalini Singh, Khursheed Alam and Vishal Gangwar

12. Advances Production Technology of Olive -Amit Kumar, Om Prakash, Rahul Dev, Chhail Bihari and Deepak Kumar

13. Advances Production Technology of Kiwifruit -Afiya R S

14. Advances Production Technology of Strawberry -Amit Kumar, Ramdeen Kumar, Shalini Singh, Sajeel Ahamad and Vibhu Pandey

15. Advances Production Technology of Blackberry -Ajay Kumar, Amit Kumar, Prashant Gautam, Vibhu Pandey and Chhail Bihari

16. Advances Production Technology of Raspberry -Satvaan Singh, Atar Singh, Amit Kumar, Deepak Kumar and Satyarath Sonkar

17. Advances Production Technology of Cranberry -Satvaan Singh, Atar Singh, Amit Kumar, Sajeel Ahamad and Imran Ali

18. Advances Production Technology of Blueberry –Sajeel Ahamad, Amit Kumar, Menaka M, Chhail Bihari, Maneesh Kumar and Ganesh Kumar Choupdar

19. Advances Production Technology of Underutilized Temperate Fruits –Anu Seng Chaupoo, Kuruba Ajay Kumar, Lalrinchhani Chhangte, AlemlaImchen and Anish Sunwar

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