Training Module on Governance in Cooperatives

authored by: Sudhir Mahajan, Savitri Singh, Sagar Kisan Wadkar & V. K. Dubey
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ISBN: 9789358870770 | Binding: Paperback | Pages: 90 | Language: English | Copyright: 2023
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In this section, we examine the subject of corporate governance within cooperative organizations. Our exploration encompasses a range of aspects related to cooperative governance, including the functions and obligations of the board, the distribution of decision-making authority, issues of accountability, the interactions between members and the board, the relationship between board members and professional managers, and the critical role that governance plays in promoting the professionalism of cooperatives. Additionally, we delve into other essential elements of cooperative governance.

Sudhir Mahajan: Chief Executive, NCUI, New  Delhi, India

Savitri Singh: Deputy Chief Executive, NCUI, New Delhi, India

Sagar Kisan Wadkar: Adviser (Research & Study), NCUI, New Delhi, India

 V. K. Dubey: Adviser, NCUI, New Delhi, India

1. Governance in Cooperatives 2. Board of Management – Composition, Role and Functioning 3. Roles and Responsibilities of Officials 4. Management of Meetings in Cooperatives 5. Role of Governance in Professionalising Cooperatives

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