Mastering Agricultural Extension Education: A Comprehensive MCQ Guide

authored by: Sapna Jarial
ISBN: 9789358871289 | Binding: Paperback | Pages: 630 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
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Agricultural extension education is an essential component of the agricultural sector, and students and researchers often seek resources that not only provide a wealth of information but also offer tools for evaluation and preparation. "Mastering Agricultural Extension Education: A Comprehensive MCQ Guide" is an innovative resource that has been purposefully designed for individuals preparing for junior research fellowship, senior research fellowship, or agricultural recruitment services examinations.

This book, comprising twenty-two chapters, offers a thorough exploration of the various facets of extension education. It is an all-inclusive study guide that aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the reader. The book's standout feature is its use of one-liners, which act as clarifying tools, making it easier for readers to understand the subtle differences between related concepts.

The extensive coverage of the extension education discipline makes it a valuable resource for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Moreover, the book serves as a quick reference guide for those seeking to excel in agricultural extension education. The book promises extensive preparation and in-depth comprehension, as well as the confidence to face any academic or professional challenges.

Sapna Jarial: Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab-144 411

1.  Comparative Views on Agricultural Extension: India and the World 2.  Methodologies of Agricultural Extension in India 3.  Foundational Ideas and Values of Agricultural Extension Education 4.  Overseeing the Agricultural Extension Institutions 5.  Directing Organizational Behaviour within Agricultural Extension 6.  Innovative Outreach: Connecting with Farmers 7.  Integrating and Embracing Agricultural Innovations 8.  Collaborative Methods for Tech Advancements in Extension 9.  Research in Agricultural Extension: Techniques and Methodology 10.  The Role of Psychometry in Extension Research 11.  Assessing the Impact and Performance of Extension Initiatives 12.  Fundamentals of Change-driven Communication and Growth 13.  Educative Techniques in Agricultural Extension 14.  Leveraging ICT for Knowledge Dissemination in

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