Breeding Tomatoes for Processing: History & Potential

authored by: Surinder K. Tikoo
ISBN: 9789358871418 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 58 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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ATPBR is a non-profit foundation based in India that collaborates with the seed industry, institutions, NGOs, and government bodies to provide training in plant breeding and develop future-ready plant breeders. It is India's leading networking training organization, with expertise and resources for capacity building, market linkages, policy advocacy, and project management. The main objective of ATPBR is to create a sustainable and thriving agricultural system that serves farmers, supports emerging entrepreneurs, and assists industries in building market-driven competencies in human resources. ATPBR is open to collaborating with diverse organizations, academic and research institutions, NGOs, independent professionals, and aims to meet the intellectual needs of the plant breeding community to make it an attractive and lucrative domain for all concerned.

The ATPBR WebCon series is a platform that brings together eminent plant breeders who have achieved success in science, policy, and administration, with practicing and potential plant breeders. These web-based conferences are held regularly every month and have been well-received, with participants from both India and outside of India. The WebCon series captures the presentations in a published format, which includes the key messages delivered by the speakers and are available on the ATPBR website.

Breeding Tomatoes for Processing: History and Potential 

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