Watershed Dynamics: Strategies and Practices for Sustainable Development

authored by: Vartika Singh
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ISBN: 9789358874419 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 150 | Language: English | Copyright: 2025
Length: 216 mm | Breadth: 10.82 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 230 GMS
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Watersheds are important landscapes that function as natural units for managing water, soil, and other natural resources. These systems' dynamics are complicated, including a variety of environmental, socioeconomic, and technical aspects. As mankind faces the multifaceted issues of climate change, population increase, and sustainable development, the need for good watershed management has never been greater. "Watershed Dynamics: Strategies and Practices for Sustainable Development" seeks to provide a thorough guide to understanding, managing, and preserving these critical ecosystems. This book is organised to cover a wide variety of issues relevant to integrated watershed management. It begins with an overview of the subject, setting the groundwork by investigating historical circumstances and changing methods.

This book examines remote sensing technologies and techniques, as well as their applications and interactions with other technologies such as GIS. The interdisciplinary approach adopted in this book reflects the complexities of watershed management and underlines the significance of collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals.

Dr. Vartika Singh is an esteemed researcher and academician with a profound background in geology and hydrogeology. She holds a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in hydrogeology from Vikram University and a Master's degree in applied geology from Kurukshetra University. With 15 years of research experience at the Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL), DRDO, Delhi, and Amity University Noida, Dr. Singh has significantly advanced her field. Her research expertise spans hydrogeology, remote sensing, environmental geology, groundwater, watershed management, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Singh's substantial research achievements are noteworthy. She has published over 60 scientific papers, holds three patents, and has authored three books and 20 book chapters, demonstrating her dedication to scholarly pursuits. As an Assistant Professor at the Amity Institute of Global Warming and Ecological Studies (AIGWES) at Amity University Noida, she contributes to shaping the academic landscape and mentors several research students, showcasing her commitment to guiding the next generation of researchers. Her involvement in the editorial boards of several national and international journals underscores her active participation in the peer-review process and her role in disseminating knowledge within the academic community. Dr. Vartika Singh's impressive research experience, prolific publication record, and active engagement in academia underscore her expertise and significant contributions to the fields of hydrogeology, remote sensing, and environmental geology.

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