Sustainable Production Technologies for Horticultural Crops

edited by: Balraj Singh, A.K. Singh, B.S. Tomar, J.K. Ranjan, Som Dutt
ISBN: 9789358874778 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 362 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
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The book titled Sustainable Production Technologies for Horticultural Crops is a distinctive and comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of horticulture. It compiles and organizes scattered information in an easily understandable format, complete with practical recommendations for stakeholders. The book is authored by renowned experts in their respective fields, who have contributed to its 24 chapters. These chapters address topics such as genetic resources, varietal wealth, crop improvement, plant health management, biotic and abiotic stress management, and value-addition of horticultural crops. Additionally, the book delves into general horticultural science.

The book covers a wide range of horticultural crops, including fruits, vegetables, spices, and ornamental and plantation crops. Each chapter is well-illustrated with figures and tables and is cited with the latest references. The critical R&D gaps identified in different research areas are also addressed in each chapter.

Sustainable Production Technologies for Horticultural Crops is a valuable resource for students, teachers, researchers, scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. It serves as a comprehensive reservoir of information that can be utilized by all stakeholders in the horticultural industry.

1. Opportunities and Potential of Expansion of Protected Cultivation in India Balraj Singh

Section 01: Fruits

2.   Exchange and Utilization of Fruit Genetic Resources in India Pragya Ranjan, S.K. Singh, J.K. Ranjan, Vartika Srivastava, Vandana Tyagi, Pratibha Brahmi

3.   Fruit Crop Wild Relatives and Their Importance in Breeding Vartika Srivastava, Pragya Ranjan, Monika Singh and Chavlesh Kumar

4.   Role of Rootstock in Production of Citrus Fruits Awtar Singh and Kanhaiya Singh

5.   Impact of Climate Change on Mango Productivity in Indian Subtropics P.L. Saroj, Dinesh Kumar and Ashish Yadav

6.   Research and Development in Arid and Semi-arid Fruit Crops A.K. Singh, D.S. Mishra, L.P. Yadav, Gangadhara K. and Jagdish Rane

7.   Water and Energy-efficient Arid Fruit Production System Akath Singh and Pradeep Kumar

8.   Conservation and Utilization of Wild Fruit Species in India Prakash Chandra Tripathi

9.   Advances in Precision Viticulture Sharmistha Naik and R.G. Somkuwar

10.   Harnessing Indigenous and Exotic Fruits for Nutritional and Livelihood Security G. Karunakaran, M. Arivalagan, P. Singh, Kanupriya T. Sakthivel, A. Thirugnanavel and P.C. Tripathi

Section 02: Vegetables

11.   Advances in Vegetable Nursery Raising S.N.S. Chaurasia, Anant Bahadur and Swati Sharma

12.   Hybrid Seed Production of Vegetable Crops B.S. Tomar, Yalamalle V.R. and Chaukhande Paresh

13.    Vegetable Based Microgreens for Human Health J.K. Ranjan, Ankita Saha, Gyan P. Mishra, R.K. Yadav, R. Bharadwaj, Ajeet Singh, Pragya, Jogendra Singh and B.S. Tomar

14.   Hydroponics: Production Technology for High-Value Vegetables J. Suresh Kumar, Sandra Jose and A.U. Akash

Section 03: Floriculture and Landscaping

15.   Recent Research and Development in Floriculture and Landscaping S.S. Sindhu and Namita

16.   Entrepreneurial Floriculture::A Profitable Venture S.L. Chawla, Saryu Trivedi, Roshni Agnihotri and Mallika Sindha

Section 04: Tuber and Plantation Crops

17.    Breeding Strategies for Development of Bio-fortified Tuber Crop Varieties Kalidas Pati, Visalakshi Chandra, K.M. Senthil Kumar

18.    Scope and Potential of Vertical Farming in Root and Tuber Crops Production J. Suresh Kumar, M. Nedunchezhiyan, S. Sunitha and T. Janakiram

19.   In-vitro Propagation of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Neema M., Aparna Veluru and Sudha R.

20.   Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources of Arecanut N. R. Nagaraja and T. N. Ranjini

Section 05: Crop Protection

21.   Ecological Engineering::A New Approach for Pest Management in Horticultural Crops       K. Rolania, A. Kumar, S. Pilania and S.M. Haldhar

22.   Augmentation of Immunity in Human Beings in Challenging Times Hare Krishna, S N S Chaurasia, Anant Bahadur, Swati Sharma, Rajeev Kumar, Manoj Kumar Singh, R B Yadava and T K Behera

23    Functional Properties of Secondary Metabolites in Medicinal Plants Manish Das

Section 06: Institution

24.   Dr YSR Horticulture University, Heralding Horticultural Revolution in Andhra Pradesh T. Janakiram, B. Srinivasulu, E. Keruna Sree and V. Deepthi

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