Toxcards Vet: Volume I: General Toxicology and Toxicology of Plants and Mycotoxins

edited by: Amit Shukla, Atul Prakash, Soumen Choudhury & Sakshi Tiwari
ISBN: 9789358876932 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 120 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2025
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 11.24 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 250 GMS
INR 695.00 INR 626.00
This book will be available from 14-Jun-2024

Toxicology is a fundamental subject in both Veterinary and Medical sciences. It is a vast field with numerous branches and has been studied extensively since ancient times. It is essential to possess a strong foundation in the basic concepts of general toxicology, as well as the modes of toxicity of different plants and mycotoxins. The sources of poisons also include natural sources like plant and fungal toxins. This book provides a comprehensive overview of toxicodynamics, diagnosis, and treatment of several plant toxins and mycotoxins. To facilitate easy understanding, the book has been written in a notes format and in simple language. Important points from an exam perspective have been highlighted in bold letters, and the book also includes pictorial depictions of plant plates.

The book comprises of 15 chapters that cover a range of topics related to general toxicology, including its history, sources, factors affecting toxicity, toxicokinetics, and basic principles of treatment for poisoning and toxicology of different plants and mycotoxins.

  1. Introductory Toxicology Amit Shukla, Soumen Choudhury
  2. History Amit Shukla, Atul Prakash
  3. Toxicokinetics Soumen Choudhury, Amit Shukla, Atul Prakash
  4. Diagnosis Of Poisoning Sakshi Tiwari, Amit Shukla
  5. Evaluation Of Toxicity Atul Prakash, Amit Shukla, Soumen Choudhury
  6. Sources Of Poisoning And Classification Of Poisons Amit Shukla, Soumen Choudhury, Atul Prakash
  7. Practical Approach For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Common Toxicoses In Animals Amit Shukla, Soumen Choudhury, Atul Prakash
  8. Cyanide Toxicity mit Shukla, Sakshi Tiwari
  9. Nitrate Toxicity Amit Shukla, Soumen Choudhury, Sakshi Tiwari
  10. Plants Poisoning Amit Shukla, Atul Prakash
  11. Lantana Camara Toxicity mit Shukla, Sakshi Tiwari
  12. Strychouns Nuxvomica ( Kuchla) Poisoning Sakshi Tiwari
  13. Nerium Poisoning Soumen Choudhury, Amit Shukla
  14. Oxalate Poisoning Amit Shukla, Soumen Choudhury, Shyama N Prabhu
  15. Mycotoxins Amit Shukla, Sakshi Tiwari, Shyama N Prabhu


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