Sustaining Soil and Water Quality in Changing Climate

edited by: Savita Jangde, Niranjan B N, Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Jeetendra Kumar, Wajid Hasan, Sheetanshu Gupta
ISBN: 9789361345777 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 370 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 24.24 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: PMW (PUBLISH MY WORK) | Weight: 700 GMS
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soil science, water resources, agriculture, sustainability, water management, water scarcity, farming, sustainable agriculture, climate change, traditional knowledge, technologies, environmental consciousness, resilience, global climate

"Sustaining Soil and Water Quality in Changing Climate" offers a comprehensive guide to navigating the challenges of modern farming through a lens of sustainability. The first two chapters, "Fundamentals of Soil Science" and "Water Resources in Agriculture," establish a solid foundation by exploring essential principles of soil health and the critical role of water in agricultural practices. Emphasizing responsible water management, these chapters address the pressing issue of water scarcity and offer strategies for optimizing water use in farming. This book serves as a valuable resource for farmers, researchers, and policymakers by providing insights and practical strategies to achieve sustainable agriculture amidst a changing climate. The holistic approach, combining traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technologies, makes it an indispensable guide for those committed to fostering agricultural practices that are both environmentally conscious and resilient to climate variations. This book stands as a testament to the urgency and significance of adopting sustainable agriculture practices, particularly in the face of the formidable challenges posed by a changing global climate.

1. Fundamentals of Soil Science

Savita Jangde, B.N. Niranjan, Kh. Chandrakumar Singh Wajid Hasan and Sheetanshu Gupta

2.  Water Resources in Agriculture

Niranjan B N., Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Savita Jangde Sheetanshu Gupta and Wajid Hasan

3.  Adaptation Strategies for Climate-Resilient Wasteland Development and Management

Savita Jangde, Wajid Hasan, Sheetanshu Gupta, Niranjan B.N. and Kh. Chandrakumar Sing 

4.  Biological Aspects of Soil and Water Conservation Techniques

B.N., Niranjan Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Shubham, Jeetendra Kumar, and Sheetanshu Gupta

5.  Precision Agriculture and Technology Integration - Restoration of Chemically Degraded Soils

Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Savita Jangde, Niranjan B.N. Jeetendra Kumar and Wajid Hasan     

6.  Organic Farming Practices for the Management of Soil and Water

Wajid Hasan, Sheetanshu Gupta, Deepa Rawat, Adarsh Pandey and Kh. Chandrakumar Sing    

7.  Agroforestry and Sustainable Land Use for Soil Management and Conservation

Deepa Rawat, Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Savita Jangde Wajid Hasan and Sheetanshu Gupta

8.  Irrigation Management for Water Efficiency and Conservation

Niranjan B.N., Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Savita Jangde Wajid Hasan and Sheetanshu Gupta

9.  Soil Water Plant Relationship in Climate Change

Savita Jangde, Santosh Marahatta, Jeetendra Kumar, Sheetanshu Gupta and Adarsh Pandey

10.  Rainwater Harvesting, Agricultural Drainage and Water Conservation

Niranjan B.N., Kh. Chandrakumar Singh, Savita Jangde Wajid Hasan and Er. Jeetendra Kumar


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