Irrigation Systems Engineering

authored by: Balram Panigrahi
ISBN: 9789380235387 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 346 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2011
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 25.2 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 800 GMS
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This textbook is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to irrigation for students in agriculture and agricultural engineering. The book covers the essential principles and concepts of farm irrigation, from basic knowledge of soil, mathematics, hydrology, and hydraulics to the latest techniques in irrigation system design and management. As the construction of major and medium-sized irrigation projects can be costly and have negative environmental impacts, the book focuses on low-cost and easily constructed farm irrigation structures.

The primary objective of this book is to design an optimum-sized small-scale water harvesting structure, which is typically a farm pond used by farmers. The content is presented in a simplified manner to maximize learning, understanding, and motivation among students.

The book has been carefully developed and classroom-tested to ensure its effectiveness as a teaching tool. It is not only useful for students and teachers in agriculture and agricultural engineering, but also for practicing engineers, agriculturists, soil conservationists, and agricultural extension workers who deal with water management and related farm development tasks.

However, it cannot be used for the design of complex hydraulic structures such as dams and reservoirs. The book provides 23 solved problems, 238 short and long-type questions, 42 tables, 55 figures, and more than 138 references to support students and design engineers. Additionally, the book includes field experimental results at appropriate sections to make it more interesting for readers.

1. Farm pond irrigation and rainfed agriculture. 2. Types of farm ponds. 3. Location and site selection. 4. Water supply to farm pond. 5. Water demand from farm pond. 6. Dimensions of farm pond. 7. Optimum size of farm pond. 8. Construction of farm pond. 9. Losses of water in farm pond. 10. Efficient use of harvested water of farm pond. 11. Economics of farm pond irrigation systems. 12. Farm pond maintenance. 13. Other sources of irrigation.

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