Freshwater Fish Parasites

authored by: Gadadhar Dash
ISBN: 9789381450253 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 172 | Language: English | Copyright: 2012
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The book entitled "Freshwater Fish Parasites" covers a span of 10 years and provides a comprehensive pictorial guide of various freshwater fish parasites throughout the country. It presents the etiology, clinical signs, prophylaxis, and treatment of parasitic diseases in a simplified manner for easy understanding of students, researchers, teachers, scientists, and farmers in the field. The book features the latest developments in fish parasitological research and covers all progressive areas of parasitic disease management, starting from the identification of parasites, the basic status of diseases, to various approaches for diagnosis, prevention, and control of diseases.

It provides a comprehensive overview of parasitic problems in different fish species, including indigenous fishes, exotic fishes of commercial importance, sport fishes, and ornamental fishes, giving a complete parasitic disease profile of the entire fishery. The book also covers important aspects such as the behavior of hosts, the interrelationship of soil and water with parasitized hosts, and the mechanism of parasitic attachment.

Gadadhar Dash: M.F.Sc., Ph.D. Head,Department of Aquatic Animal Health, West Bengal Universty of Animal and Fisheries Sciences, Chakgaria Campus, Kolkata-700094, West Bengal, India

01. Parasites - An Overview 02. Introduction to Freswater Fish Parasites 03. Diseases, Parasites and other Maladies 04. Parasitism Versus Water Quality Parameters 05. Machanism of Parasitic Attachment in Fish 06. Zoonotic Potentiality of Parasites in Cultivable Food Fishes 07. Effect of Parasites on Fish Behaviour 08. Diseases and Parasites of Sports Fishes 09. Parasites on Exotic Fishes 10. Parasites Picutre Gallery

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