Extension Management in The Information Age Initiatives and Impacts

by H. Philip, T.Rathakrishnan & Ravi Kumar Theodore
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The book has been divided into the 5 major sections covering the following: Section I: Covers on the articles focused towards the major themes of strengthening Technology Application and Delivery systems, ICT, BLESS, NRM and women empowerment. Section II: Dealt with the extension strategies in development departments, institutional mechanism including NGOs, new media tools and impact assessment, followed by management of Natural Resources including ITKS. Section III: Gender mainstreaming, women empowerment, international experiences and policy issues have been synthesized under Section IV and V respectively.

This book would enable in exposing the extension professionals on a cross cultural approach in various development spheres of extension reforms in India.

H. Philip is working as Professor (Agri. Extn.), Directorate of Extension Education, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. Holding the post of Chief Editor in Society of Extension Education, TNAU Campus, for the past 18 years. He has 27 years of service in the field of Agricultural Extension. He established Educational Media Centre at TNAU, Coimbatore and the Centre is equipped with professional Video and Audio equipments. He bagged 3 University Awards. He produced about 600 short video films and 500 audio programmes. He has operated several States, National and Overseas projects. He visited University of Guelph, Canada to study about Independent study programmes in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture. Published 16 booklets, 5 books, 30 technical bulletins and manuals and 94 research articles. He participated several International and National seminars, conferences and workshops. He guided 12 PG students and 2 Ph.D. scholars.

T. Rathakrishnan, Professor of Agricultural Extension is currently working as Director, Directorate of Students Welfare, TNAU, Coimbatore. Specialized in Communication and Agricultural Extension Management. Published eight books, more than 100 research, popular articles, abstracts of seminar/symposium at National & International levels. Bagged with various medals and awards namely. William Kirubabai Medal (Gold) for the best student in Ph.D (Agri. Extension), 1993. T. Nataraj Rolling Shield (MASU)the Best Extension Researcher - 2005, Shiksha Ratan Puraskar (IIFS) - 2006, the Best Extension Worker Award TNAU - 2006 and the Best Citizen Award International Publishing House, New Delhi (2007). He is the secretary of Extension Education Society, TNAU, Coimbatore

Ravi Kumar Theodore, Professor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has a Ph.D., in Agricultural Extension. He was a FAO Fellow in the University of Western Sydney, Australia for advanced training on Systems Thinking and Experiential Learning. He has served in the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad where he has offered trainings and consultancy on Agricultural Extension Management. He has visited countries like United Kingdom, Australia and Kuala Lumpur on various assignments. Currently he is serving as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of TNAU.


Section I- Introduction: 01. Framework for Strengthening Technology Application and Delivery System in Agricultural Extension by V. Venkatasubramanian 02. ICT in Krishi Vigyan Kendra - A Transformational Technology for Indian Farmers by S. Prabhu Kumar, D.V. Srinivasa Reddy, C.V. Sairam and B.T. Rayudu 03. Business Led Extension Services (BLESS): Global Perspective by V.G. Dhanakumar 04. Role of Natural Resource Management in Livelihood with Special Reference to Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) by K. N. Krishnakumar and Ganesh Yadav 05. Women Empowerment-Rhetorics and Reality by K. Thangamani Section II- Extension Approaches: 06. Agricultural Education through Internet by H. Philip, P.P. Murugan and P. Mooventhan 07. SWOC Analysis in Mango Pulp Industries in Tamil Nadu by T. Rathakrishnan and S.R.Padma 08. Adoption Level of Farmers on Post Tsunami Rice Cultivation Practices by B. Shanmugasundaram, K.A. Ponnusamy and H. Philip 09.Prioritization of Research in Selected Crops of Madurai District by A. Pounraj, T.Rathakrishnan and Rexlin Selvin 10. Reorientation of Agricultural Extension System in Tamilnadu towards ATMA by S. Parthasarathi and R. Ganesan 11. Strategies to increase the Area, Production and Productivity of Cassava in Salem District in Tamil Nadu by A. Janaki Rani and P.P. Murugan 12. Market Information Utilization Behaviour of the Farmers Receiving Dynamic Market Information (DMI) through Short Message Service by R. Balasubramaniyam and N. Anandaraja 13. Information Sharing and Dissemination at Uzhavar Udhaviyagam – A Promising Linkage Model for Sustainable Extension Services by R. Sendilkumar, C. Cinthia fernandaz and S. Parthasarathy 14. Status of Job Satisfaction of KVK Subject Matter Specialists by Nafees Ahmad and P.S. Slathia 15. Strategies for Technology Transfer through Adarsha Rythus in Andhra Pradesh by N. Kishore Kumar and A. Sailaja 16. Problem Solving Capacity of Agricultural Expert System by S. Helen and F.M.H. Kaleel 17. Technology Transfer through Tar Mode in Sugarcane Based Cropping System by T. Rajula Shanthy 18. A Comparative Analysis of the Extension Approaches used by both Private and Public Extension Service Providers by K.Vengalamani, R. Arunachalam and T. Masanaselvam 19. Perception on Critical Technology Adopted by Vegetable Growers under Precision Farming – An Overview by K. Thangaraja, R. Ganesan, R. Sasikala and R. Rajasekaran 20. Performance Analysis of the Gram Panchayat Leaders in the Three Tier Panchayati Raj Institutions of Rajnandgaon District of Chhattisgarh by P. Shrivastava, K.K. Shrivastava and J.D. Sarkar 21. Case Study of A Successful Rabbit Farmer by S. Vishwendar 22. Transfer of Technology Issues in Bt Cotton by S. Parthasarathi and R. Ganesan 23. Adoption of Pest Management Technologies by Tomato Growers in Mettur Taluk of Salem District by P. Suhirdha, G. Tamilselvi and J. Vasanthakumar 24. Impact Evaluation of DPAP-V Watersheds in Karur District by R. Sasikala, A. Palaniswamy, K. Thangaraja and M. Shanthasheel 25. Participatory Technology Development in Banana (PTD) by M. Israel Thomas,T. Rathakrishnan and S. R. Padma Section III- Natural Resources and Livelihood Management: 26. Environmental Issues and Management of Natural Resources by Farmers for Sustainable Agriculture by R. Arunachalam 27. Eco-Friendly Agricultural Practices in Paddy- An Impact Analysis in Tamil Nadu by A. Janaki Rani, H. Philip and P.P. Murugan 28. Intensive Agriculture and Environment by D. Jebapreetha and Rexlin Selvin 29. Sustainability of Traditional Institution in Tank Irrigation Management: An Example from Madurai District of Tamil Nadu, India by M. Jegadeesan and Koichi Fujita 30. Training Needs of Wetland Farmers in Organic Farming in Tamil Nadu by Noorjehan A., K.A.Hanif and I. Mohamed Iqbal 31. Impact of Tsunami on the Farm Households of Coastal Tamilnadu State of India by M. Shantha Sheela, K. Palanisami, Chieko Umetsu and V. Ravichandran 32. Contract Tree Farming in Industrial Wood Agroforestry by H.Philip, K.T.Parthiban, Vennila and P.Durairasu 33. Rationality Analysis of Indigenous Tribal Agricultural Practices followed in Kolli Hills by P. Venkatesan and M. Sundaramari Section IV- Gender Issues: 34. Rural Farm Women Knowledge Gain and Perception of Interactive Multimedia Compact Disc (IMCD) by N. Anandaraja, T. Rathakrishnan and M. Ramasubramanian 35. Empowerment of Urban Women through SHGs Under SJSRY in Coimbatore District by K.C. Leelavathy and K.S. Selvanayaki 36. Impact of Self Help Groups on Development of Entrepreneurship Among Farm Women by S.K. Meti and S. Aparana 37. Self - Help Group Approach for Agri - Rural Environment: Need of the Hour by B. Narayanaswamy. K. Narayana Gowda and R.K. Naika 38. Fortifying Farm Women through Entrepreneurial Training: Problems and Prescriptions by S.R. Padma and T. Rathakrishnan 39. Perception of Women SHG Members on Training Programmes by Santha Govind and T. Mukesh 40. Positive Therapy for Enhancement of Self-Esteem, Self Efficacy and Management of Stress Among Women in Local Governance in Coimbatore District by M Shanmugavani and K.C. Leelavathy 41. Role of Rural Women in Farming, Allied and Off-Farm Activities by P. Sumathi and M. Senthilkumar 42. Empowerment Level of Farm Women Beneficiaries of Karnataka Community Based Tank Management Project by B.S. Swetha and N. Narsimha Section V- Policy Issues: 43. Credit Management Pattern of Farm Families by K. Mahandra Kumar and T. Rathakrishnan 44. Strategies to increase Castor Production in India through Effective Resource-Use Management (RUM) Behaviour by R. Venkattakumar, M. Padmaiah and C. Sarada