The Basics of Human Civilization: Food, Agriculture and Humanity: Vol.01 Present Scenario

by Prem Nath
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Everything is revolving around food and we are all working for food either as farmer or as consumer whatever occupation we are engaged in it ends in access to food and human health. The question of food effects the farmer what to grow and how best to grow, scientists and technologists are engaged in producing efficient food, housewives and hoteliers are coming up with modern menus, dieticians are advocating healthy food, and governments are busy in procuring storing and distributing food. However it is apparent that there is not enough food for millions, either there is shortage of grain and vegetables or they are available in plenty but not accessible to millions. This publication tries to sketch present scenario on food, agriculture and humanity as its first volume with the hope to prepare subsequent three volumes with further discussion on food, agriculture and humanity.

The present publication The Basics of Human Civilization Food Agriculture and Humanity, Volume I: Present Scenario is intended to make attempt to update present scenario with reference to past in food agriculture and humanity and identify challenges, followed by opportunities to bring changes in food habits and preferences, technology, and proper implementation of programmes and of proper utilization of a natural resources. Mention has been made of food and agriculture policies and developments improved agriculture challenges and opportunities and to address them appropriately.

Prem Nath: Chairman, Dr.P.N. Agricultural Science Foundation (PNASF) Bangalore-560 094, Karnataka

01. Introduction 02. Food and Nitrition 03. Natural Resources and Food 04. Agriculture and Food Policy Changes 05. Improving Agriculture 06. Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture 07. Challenges and Opportunities