Genetic Improvement of Livestock and Poultry

by C.V. Singh & R.S.Barwhal
ISBN: 9789381450826 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 302 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2013
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The book presents conventional and modern breeding technologies in the vital areas of animal breeding, to stimulate more research, and to rapidly pass such modern techniques to scientific community. Various conventional breeding technologies used for selection and faster multiplication of superior cattle and buffalo germplasm have contributed significantly to increase in milk production, which were mainly due to the technologies developed in the areas of quantitative genetics and reproductive biology.

These included methodologies for selection of females based upon their expected producing ability and young males based on the performance of progeny. Emerging developments in the areas of molecular marker systems in animals, genome maps, methods of detecting Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) linkages, Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) etc., are latest tools to be used in breeding programmes for enhancing the rate of genetic progress.

These modern techniques could be of great help for those traits, for which the conventional technologies have limitations in their use. Therefore, integration of molecular markers with conventional breeding technologies involving pedigree and phenotypic information are probable future breeding tools for genetic improvement of livestock and poultry.

C.V. Singh: Professor & Head, Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Sant Udham Singh Nagar,Pantnagar Uttarakhand, India.

R.S.Barwhal: Professor, Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Sant Udham Singh Nagar,Pantnagar Uttarakhand, India

Part – I: Conventional Breeding Methods: Chapter 01. Sustainability of Indigenous Cattle: Breeding Strategies and Future Prospects R.S. Gandhi Chapter 02. Characterization and Evaluation of Hill Cattle of Uttarakhand R.K. Pundir, P.K. Singh, Neelkant, B. Prakash and C.V. Singh Chapter 03. Evaluation of Sires Using Different Multitrait Sire Evaluation Methods in Crossbred Cattle T.G. Moges, C.V. Singh and R.S. Barwal Chapter 04. Comparative Study of Different Sire Evaluation Methods Using First Lactation and Life Time Traits in Crossbred Cattle V.K. Singh and C.V. Singh Chapter 05. Buffalo Breeding Research and Improvement Strategies in India C.V. Singh, R.S. Barwal and C.B. Singh Chapter 06. Breeding Policy and Programmes for Genetic Improvement of Cattle and Buffalo Resources of Rajasthan C.B. Singh, C.V. Singh and R.S. Barwal Chapter 07. Genetic Improvement of Buffaloes for Milk Production R.K. Sethi Chapter 08. Buffalo Breeding Policy: Past, Present and Future Perspectives Rajkumar, Y.P. Singh and Ravinder Kumar Chapter 09. Conservation of Bhadawari Buffaloes B.P. Kushwaha, Sultan Singh, S.B. Maity and K.K. Singh Chapter 10. Sustainability of Milk Production in Surti Buffalo on an Organized Farm G.M. Pandya, C.G. Joshi, D.N. Rank, V.B. Kharadi, B.P. Bramkshtri, P.H. Vataliya, P.M. Desai and J.V. Solanki Chapter 11. Production Performance and Identification of Superior Germplasm of Banni Buffalo Under Field Condition K.P. Singh and A.P. Chaudhary Chapter 12. Study on Daily Milk Yield, Milk Constituents and Production System of Banni Buffalo K.P. Singh and A.P. Chaudhary Chapter 13. Methods for the Estimation of Genetic Parameters B.L. Pander and S. S. Dhaka Chapter 14. Open Nucleus Breeding System and Genetic Improvement of Livestock in Developing Countries B.N. Shahi and P.P. Dubey Chapter 15. Goat Genetic Resources, Animal Husbandry Practices and Their Improvement in Uttarakhand R.S. Barwal, C.V. Singh and C.B. Singh Chapter 16. Goat Genetic Resources of Gujarat: Production System and Improvement Strategy K.P. Singh and A.P. Chaudhary Chapter 17. Sonadi Sheep in Their Breeding Tract S.P. Tailor and O.P. Pathodiya Chapter 18. Sire Evaluation for Growth and Fleece Yield Traits Using Animal Model in Chokla Sheep Ravindra Kumar and C.V.Singh Chapter 19. Rural Poultry Farming: Present Status and Future Strategy for Sustainable Production in North East Region S. Malik

Part – II: Modern Breeding Technologies: Chapter 20. Integration of Conventional and Molecular Approaches of Genetic Selection for Disease Resistance Arjava Sharma and Anuj Chauhan Chapter 21. Chromosome and Genome Analysis by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization B. Prakash Chapter 22. Molecular Approaches in Animal Breeding: Present Status and Future Prospects P. Kumarasamy Chapter 23. Application of Molecular Genetic Technologies in Animal Breeding: Potentials and Practicability in Indian Scenario B. Prakash and DeepikaChapter 24. Genetic Resistance to Mastitis in Dairy Cattle A.K. Ghosh, C.V. Singh and R.S. Barwal Chapter 25. Molecular Studies on MX1 Gene in Chicken by PCR-SSCP Technique C. Mishra, D. Das, Pushpendra Kumar, K. Khanna, A.S. Selvaramesh S. Dayal, A.P. Singh, N.K. Nagpal, B. Bhushan and A. Sharma Chapter 26. Study of Prolactin Gene Polymorphism in Crossbred Cattle by PCR-RFLP and the Association of Different Genotypes to Various Traits Verma, P. and Singh, C.V. Chapter 27. Assessment of Sperm Chromatin Compactness and Integrity in Mammalian Semen Sample C.S. Mukhopadhyay, P.P. Dubey and A.K. Gupta