Advances in Protected Cultivation

by Brahma Singh, Balraj Singh, Naved Sabir & Murtaza Hansan
ISBN: 9789383305179 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 252 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2014
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Unlike other aspects of agricultural sciences, little literature is available on protected cultivation in India. Protected cultivation in India has vast potential under changing environmental parameters and reducing land and water resources.

The book contains consolidated and concise information on design, construction and maintenance of protected structures and production technologies under protected cultivation with contributions from eminent scientists and researchers from institute like DIHAR- DRDO, ICAR, CIAE, CIPHET, CPCT, IIVR, CAZRI, NRCs and various SAUs.

Brahma Singh: President, Indian Society for Protected Cultivation, Former Director, Life Sciences, DRDO, New Delhi, India

Balraj Singh: Presently Vice Chancellor, S.K.N.University of Agriculture, Jobner, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, Director, National Research Centre on Seed Spices, Ajmer-305 206 Rajasthan

Naved Sabir: Principal Scientist, National Centre for Integrated Pest Management, (PUSA) New Delhi, 110 012 India

Murtaza Hasan: Senior Scientist, Centre for Protected Cultivation Technology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110 012


01. Strategies for Promoting Protected Cultivation in India 02. DRDO—Harbinger of Protected Cultivation of Vegetable Crops in India 03. Automation for Climate Control in Protected Structures 04. Design and Construction of Greenhouse in India 05. Protected Cultivation of Vegetables in Southern India 06. Design of Protected Structures and Drip Fertigation System for Indian Conditions 07. Solar Thermal Modeling of Greenhouse Environment for Protected Cultivation 08. Greenhouse Technology for Vegetable Cultivation in Cold Desert Environment: Learnings from Ladakh 09. Vegetable Nursery Raising under Protected Environment 10. Breeding Solanaceous Vegetables for Protected Cultivation 11. Production Technology for Vegetables under Protected Conditions 12. Advances in Research in Protected Cultivation of Cut Flowers 13. Advances in Protected Cultivation of Vegetables in Kerala 14. Improved Vegetable Varieties/Hybrids for Protected Cultivation in India 15. Production of Quality Seed of Vegetables under Protected Conditions—Technological Advancements 16. Advances in Protected Production Technologies in Orchids 17. Protected Cultivation of Flowers in India 18. IPM in Vegetable Cultivation in Greenhouses 19. Bacillus spp. for Management of Carnation wilt under Protected Cultivation 20. Problems and Prospects of Floriculture under Protected Cultivation in Hills 21. Proceedings and Recommendations of the National Seminar on Advances in Protected Cultivation