Livestock and Poultry: Conservation and Improvement Techniques

by C.V. Singh & R.S. Barwal
ISBN: 9789383305346 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 310 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2015
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It is difficult to forecast the There are 25 s contributed by distinguished contributors who have made valuable contributions to the field of conservation of animal biodiversity and improvement of livestock. The topics covered are ranging from cattle genetic resources, strategic action plan for sustainable management, conservation and genetics improvement, breeding strategies to improve milk productivity, production systems and breeding policies for genetic improvement, application of biotechnological tools for conservation and improving of animal genetic resources, bioinformatics and genome analysis in conservation, heat stress management etc.

C.V.Singh, Professor and Head, Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, GBPUAT,Pantnagar, U.S.Nagar, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India.

R.S.Barwal, Professor, Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, GBPUAT,Pantnagar, U.S.Nagar, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India

1. The Cattle Genetic Resources of India by B.N. Shahi, R.S. Barwal and C.V. Singh 2. Farm Animal Biodiversity in India-Status and Strategic Action Plan for Sustainable Management by B.K. Joshi and P.K. Vij 3. Indigenous Dairy Breeds – An Alternative to Crossbred Cattle for SUSTAINABLE Livelihood Security in Rural India by R.S. Gandhi, Avtar Singh, Archana Verma and G.K. Sachdeva 4. Dynamics of Cattle and Buffalo in Western States of India: An Overview by J. V. Solanki and D. N. Rank 5. Conservation and Genetic Improvement of Sheep in Relation to Rural Livelihood Security by S.M.K. Naqvi and G.R. Gowane 6. Breeding Strategies to Improve Milk Productivity in Hill Cattle of Uttarakhand by R.K. Pundir 7. Trends in Buffalo Meat Production and Exports by K.P. Singh, Ashok Boora, Sunesh Balhara and Sarita Yadav 8. Priority Setting for Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources by B. Prakash 9. Genetic Resistance to Heat Tolerance in Livestock Pushpendra Kumar and Kashyap, N 10. Genetic Improvement Programs for Indigenous Milch Cattle Breeds – Past Achievements and Current Strategies Arjava Sharma and Umesh Singh 11. Genetic Diversity, Production System and Breeding Policies for Genetic Improvement of Buffalo Germplasm in Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh by C.V. Singh, R.S. Barwal and B.N. Shahi 12. Reproductive and Health Status of Crossbred and Buffalo Bulls by Y.P. Singh, Rajkumar, S.P. Singh and S.P.S. Somvanshi 13. Application of Biotechnology Tools for Conservation and Improving of Animal Genetic Resources by M.L. Sangwan 14. Molecular Breeding in Farm Animal: Challenges and Prospects by Deepak Sharma and N.R. Sahoo 15. Bioinformatics and Genome Anlysis in Conservation of Farm Animals by P. Kumarasamy 16. Genetic Improvement in Host Resistance: A Sustainable Strategy to Maintain Livestock Productivity in Changing Climatic Condition by P.K. Rout 17. Integration of Molecular Genetical Approaches for Enhancement of Poultry Production by Deepak Sharma 18. Genetic Resistance to Disease in Poultry: An Overview by V.K. Saxena 19. Native Poultry Germplasm of Tripura: Technological Intervention for Sustainable Production by S. Malik, S. Doley, M. Datta and S.V. Ngachan 20. Present Status of Evaluation, Utilization and Conservation of Indian Native Breeds of Chicken by D.P. Singh and Hamid Ali 21. Camelids Across the World by S. C. Mehta 22. Biodiversity Conservation: Need for Future Generation by Niddhi Arora and V.S. Rajora 23. Contribution of the Indigenous Cattle to the National Economy and Man Kind by R.S. Barwal, C .V. Singh and S.P. Singh 24. Sustainable Management of Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) for Livelihood Security by C.V. Singh, R.S. Barwal and B.N. Shahi 25. Heat Stress Management in Livestock by B.V. Sunil Kumar and P.P. Dubey