The Basics of Human Civilization: Food, Agriculture and Humanity: Vol.02 Food

by Prem Nath
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The present volume II concentrates on Food with relevance to Agriculture and Humanity. This publication contains nine s, viz., namely, Introduction, Food Perception, Food Commonly Known, Food Sources, Food and Health, Food and Nutrition Policy, Regional and International Programmes on Food and Nutrition Security, Challenges and Opportunities in Food Sector. This Volume contains 28 articles, by well known national and international authors, covering — . The authors from food and health sciences (physician, dietician, patient), agriculture sciences (cereal crops, horticulture, livestock, fisheries), economics, policy and development with national and international experiences have expressed their views on one subject – Food.

Prem Nath: Agricultural Science Foundation (PNASF), Bangalore 560 094, India

1. Introduction: 01. Introduction by Dr. Prem Nath 2. Food Perception: 02. Three Vertices of Human Civilization Triangle: Food, Agriculture and Humanistic Ideology by S. Bisaliah 3. Food Commonly Known: 03. Food as Understood by Prem Nath 04. Knowing Food for Human Health by K.G. Ahuja 05 . Unused Foods, Underutilized Food, and Handling Food-Enhancing Food Availability by Prem Nath 06. Street Food of the Common People-Worldwide by Prem Nath 07. Changes in National and International Food Patterns-Observations and Perspectives by Prem Nath 4. Food Sources: 08. Cereal Grains and Pulses for Human Health by K.R.M. Swamy and K.G. Ahuja 09. Vegetables for Human Nutrition and Health by K.R.M. Swamy, Prem Nath and K.G. Ahuja 10. Fruits for Nutritional Security by C.P.A. Iyer and K.R.M. Swamy 11. Animal Source Foods for Human Health by B. S. V. Reddy and K.R.M. Swamy 12. Role of Fishes in Augmenting Human Health by K. Gopakumar 13. Herbs and Spices as Flavoring Foods by K.R.M. Swamy 14. Major Classes of Phytonutraceuticals in Vegetables and Health Benefits: A Review by Joo Carlos da Silva Dias 15. Nutraceuticals in Organically Grown Fruits and Vegetables by B.S. Prabhakar and S. Sivashankar 5. Food and Health: 16. Food: What, How Much and When to Eat for Better Human Health? by Sana Thousia 17. Common Ailments, Food and Human Health by Mohammed Ilyas, S.P. 18. Changing Food Habits with Age and Health-Own Observations and Perceptions by Prem Nath 6. Food and Nutrition Policy: 19. The Right to Food by Prem Nath 20. Changes in Food and Nutrition Policies A Glance by Prem Nath 21. Indian Food Bill-Views and Prospects by Devinder Sharma 22. Strategic Changes in Approach to Combat Food and Nutrition Insecurity Among Urban and Rural Population by Subash Dasgupta and Indrajit Roy 23. Importance of Food Safety in the Food Production and Supply Chain by S. Sareen 7. Food and Nutrition Security Programmes - Regional and International: 24. Contribution of Grain Legumes in Combating Food and Nutrition In-security in Different Regions of the World by C. L. Laxmipathi Gowda, Aravind K. Jukanti and Pooran M. Gaur 25. Food Insecurity in Tribal Dominated Areas of Maharashtra, India by Nitin Tagade and R. S. Deshpande 26. Mitigating the Food and Nutritional Insecurity in East Africa: Development of the Community Based Iringa Approach by the Iringa Nutrition Programme (1983-1988) in Tanzania by Marashetty Seenappa 27. Impact of National and International Programs and Projects in Mitigating Food and Nutritional Insecurity in Central Asia and the Caucasus Ravza Mavlyanova 8. Challenges and Opportunities 28. Challenges and Opportunities in Food Sector by Prem Nath