Water Resources Management for Enhancing Water Productivity

by N.K. Gontia & H.D. Rank
ISBN: 9789383305728 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 252 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2018
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The adoption of the scientific approach on water management to enhance the water productivity requires the knowledge on water resources development and management. The knowledge of rainwater management, groundwater recharge, groundwater development and management, agricultural drainage and soil reclamations, canal water management, modern irrigation systems, mulching technology, soil water management, land development and management, watershed development and management on peoples' participatory approach are the needs of the today for the academician, engineers, field workers and extension officers. This book contains the chapters written by experts and trained scientists working in different disciplines of soil and water conservation, irrigation and drainage, agronomy, soil science, remote sensing and GIS, groundwater

N.K. Gontia: Principal & Dean College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology Junagadh Agricultural UniversityJunagadh-362 001, Gujarat.

H.D. Rank: Professor & Head and Research Engineer, AICRP-IWM Department of Soil and Water Engineering College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology Junagadh Agricultural University Junagadh-362 001, Gujarat

1. Water Resources Management for Enhancing Water Productivity: An Overview, 2. Development of Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) of Wheat Crop for Scheduling Irrigation Using Infrared  hermometry, 3.  Water Management in Coastal Areas for Horticultural Crops, 4. Water Management for Vegetable and Fruit Crops, 5.Statistical Design for Experiments of Water Management Research, 6. Groundwater Management Under High Water Table Conditions,7. Water Quality Management in Inland Aqua-farming in Coastal Areas, 8. Prevailing Status, Modeling & Managerial Approaches of Soil Erosion With Specific Emphasis on Indian Coastal Regions, 9. Management of Salt Affected Soil,10. Applications of Plastic for Moisture Conservations in Saline Soil, 11. Moisture Conservation Through Sub-soiling,12. Drainage of Waterlogged Clay Soils, 13. Irrigation Water Quality Analysis in Relation to Soil and Crops, 14. Drought Analysis for Watershed Planning in Rainfed Areas, 15. Rainfall Analysis for Crop Planning, 16.  Watershed Gauging, 17. Meaning and Concept of People’s Participation