Family Farming and Rural Economic Development

edited by: M.L.Choudhary & Aditya
ISBN: 9789383305858 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 438 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2015
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Family farming is a prevalent form of agriculture in both developed and developing countries, encompassing all family-based agricultural activities and being closely connected to various aspects of rural and social development. It is recognized as an organization of agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral, and aquaculture production that is managed and operated by a family and increasingly reliant on family labor, both from men and women. In developing countries such as India, several factors are essential for the successful development of family farming, including agro-ecological conditions and territorial characteristics, access to markets, policy environment, access to land and natural resources, access to technology and extension services, access to finance, demographic, economic, and socio-cultural conditions, and the availability of specialized education.

The International Year of Family Farming was designated by the United Nations General Assembly at its 66th session, acknowledging the growing role of family farming in poverty reduction and rural development. The book offers a wide range of topics that address crucial issues for individuals in the agriculture industry, researchers, faculty, and others.

M. L. Choudhary, PhD, is currently vice chancellor of Bihar Agricultural University in Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India

Aditya is an assistant professor/scientist in the Department of Extension Education, Bihar Agricultural University,Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar India.

01. Involving Rural Youths in Farming – A Suggested Roadmap by P.P Pal, A.K Singh and H.K De 02. Role of Youth in Family Farming by Vijay Kumar,,Jyoti Manjusha, Ranjana Sachan and Y.K Verma 03. Role and Aspirations of Youth in Family Farming by M. Bhavya Manjari 04. Role and Aspiration of Rural Youth in Family Farming by Akanchha Singh05. Exploring Youth Aspirations for Agriculture by A.S. Tigga 06. Youth Involvement in Family Farming by Sneha Singh, Raghuveer Singh Meena and O.P. Mishra 07. Rural Youth: The Future of Family Farming by Mukesh Kumar, Aparna Radhakrishanan and Minu Singh 08. Role, Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Youths in Family Farming by Sarvesh Kumar and B K Mandal 09. Challenges Faced By Rural Youth in Choice of Career in Agriculture by Renu Gangwar and V.L.V. Kameswari 10. Problems of Rural Youth in Family Farming: Challenges and Mitigation Strategies by O.P. Mishra 11.Assessment of DSR and MTR as A Source of Livelihood for Rural Youths in Northern Bihar by Ram Pal and Devendra Mandal 12.Exploring Awareness Among Nrega Beneficiaries Under The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 by A.S. Tigga 13. Economic Opportunities for Youth in Farming that Provide Alternative to Migration in Urban Areas by S.K. Sinha 14. Rural Youth Migration and Measures to Combat it Efficiently through Agriculture by Rekha Balodi, Lajja Vati, Sunaina Bisht and Abhijeet Ghatak 15. The Falling Farm Hands for Indian Agriculture: Understanding the Brain Drain of Rural Youth from Agriculture Farming to Non-Agricultural Sectors by Punit Kumar Agarwal, Pushpa and Smita Sirohi 16. Migration Check Among the Rural Labourers through NREGAby A.S. Tigga 17. Economic Opportunities for Rural Youth in Farming: Exploring The Alternatives for Migration to Urban Areas by Mahesh Chander, Hari R and Prakash, Kumar Rathod 18. Income Generating Activities for Youth in Farming Under Rural Development Programmes by Gopika M.H, Preethi and Kowsalya K.S 19. Engaging Youth in Agriculture - A Key to Food Security by Niketha L, Bagish Kumar, Minu Singh and Sanjeev Kumar 20.The Ways to Make Family Farming Look Charming with the Involvement of Youth by S. Jegan Karuppiah and Arokia Marry Eddolin 21. Role of KVKs in Preparing Next Generation Farmers by S.K. Dhanda, R.S. Sheoran, P.K. Chahal and Narender Kumar 22. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Dairy Farming Practices (GDFP) - A Way Forward to Promote the Family Farming and Attract Rural Youth by S.P. Lal, S.R.K. Singh, Jayant Goyal and Mradula Tiwari 23. Involvement of Tribal Women in Agriculture by Pradeep Kumar, Sundaravadivu, O.P. Mishra and Kalyan Ghadei 24. Analysis of Constraints Faced by Farm Women in Agriculture by Kumari Pooja and Kumari Arunima 25. Information Needs of Farm Women Related to Kharif Paddy A Study In Bolpur Sub- Division of Birbhum District (W.B.) by Suparna Bose and Sarthak Chowdhury 26. Empowerment of Women Members of Self-Help Group through Rural Pisciculture in Birbhum District of West Bengal by Rajyosree Roy, Mihir Mondal and Debabrata Roy Gupta 27. Pattern of Internet use by Agricultural and Agricultural Engineering Technology Student by Mandavkar, P.M. and M.S. Talathi by 28. Role of Icts in Family Farming: Experiences and Way Forward by Saravanan Raj and Bhattacharjee Suchiradipta by 29. Agricultural Extension Services System Supported by Icts in India Progress and Challenges by Raghuveer Singh Meena, Mohammad Hashim, Pramod Kumar Prajapati and Richa Sachan 30. Role of Ict in Betterment of Youth Farming by Richa Sachan, Sneha Singh, Swati Pahuja and Pramod Kumar Prajapati 31. Information and Communication Technology in Youth and Rural India: An Overview by Lokesh Kumar Meena, Shoji Lal Bairwa, Kerobim Lakra and Chandra Sen 32.Leveraging the Potential of ICTs for Training and Development of Rural Youth by Rupesh Ranjan, Birendra Kumar and Aditya 33.Gender Issues and Access to Icts for Agricultural Farming and Rural Development in Gazipur District of Bangladesh by Foyez Ahmed Prodhan and Md. Safiul Islam Afrad 34. ICT Tools in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges by Mohammad Hashim, Raghuveer Singh Meena and Pramod Kumar Prajapati 35. Efficacy of Mass Media in Contributing to Knowledge Empowerment of Farmers for Better Family Farming by Gopika M.H 36. Mobile Phone Technology- An Eminent Ict Tool for Better Family Farming by Minu Singh, Adhiti Bhanotra, Niketha L, Sajad Ahmed Wani and Mukesh Kumar 37. Community Radio Station: An Effective Tool for Communication by Binita Rani, Rakesh Kumar and R. K. Sohane 38. Agribusiness: The Way of Attracting and Retaining Rural Youth in Farming by Shoji Lal Bairwa and Saket Kushwaha 39. Innovation and Creativity in Rural Retail Marketing for Indian Scenario by Bibhu Santosh Behera, Anama Charan Behera and Rudra Ashish Behera 40. Advances in Food Technologies in Relation to the Youth and Enterprise by H.Umesh Hebbar 41. Sweet Corn Cultivation: An Economic Opportunity for Rural Youth in Bihar by D.K. Baranwal and S.S. Solankey 42. Economics of Production and Marketing of Desiccated Coconut Powder in Karnataka by Arjuman Banu, B.M. Shashidhara, T.N. Venkata Reddy, G.N. Nagaraj and K.B. Umesh 43. Multitier Cropping System for Profitability and Scalability in Vegetable Production by S.S. Solankey, Shirin Akhtar and Aditya 44. Prospective of Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Integrated Farming System – A Case Study by Gurnam Singh, Sardul Mann, and Satyajeet Yadav 45. Constraints in the Way of Mushroom Entrepreneurship by Binita Rani, Rakesh Kumar and R. K. Sohane 46. Traditional Knowledge of Dairy Farmers about Their Animal Husbandry Practices of Nalanda District of Bihar by Sanjeev Kumar, Anand Kumar, Suryamani Kumar and Jitendra Kumar 47. Challenges Being Faced By Educated Rural Youth Involved in Dairy Farming - A Case Study in Muktsar, Punjab by Madhu Shelly 48. A Study of Knowledge about Dairy Entrepreneurship and Relationship of Variables Towards the Training Need of Milk Producers in Patna District by Pankaj Kumar, J. Oraon, Rajesh Kumar and S.K. Rajak 49. New Opportunities for Sustainable Family Dairy Farming in Bihar by Dharmendra Kumar, Asit Chakravarti and Rajesh Kumar 50. Transforming Youths for Better Future Through Dairy Farming by Ramesh Kumar, Dahiya D.S., Sheokand, R.S.,Sheokand, B.S. and Dhanda S. 51. Backyard Poultry Farming: A Profitable Enterprise for Rural Youth Farming by Adhiti Bhanotra, Minu Singh and Jancy Gupta 52 Factors Dominate on Adoption of Modern Aquaculture Technologies at Fish Farms in Bogra District of Bangladesh by Md. Hashmi Sakib and Md. Safiul Islam Afrad 53. Global Revolution in Hydroponic Farming System: A Lesson From Fiji Island by Anamika and Paras Nath

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