Agrobiodiversity and Sustainable Rural Development

authored by: S.K. Soam & M.Balakrishnan
ISBN: 9789383305896 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 334 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2015
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Biodiversity management has become a major focus for researchers and development professionals in the current global environment. This area encompasses information on the current status of plant and animal biodiversity, indigenous practices, landraces, traditional knowledge, and gene bank conservation. The text provides a comprehensive account of major agricultural crops, such as wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, organic pigeon pea, millets, niger, and cotton, and discusses how underutilized bioresources can be commercialized.

To ensure sustainability, the text also includes information on cattle, Indian livestock, poultry, native chickens, camelids, and pollinator faunas, with a focus on monitoring methods for the presence of adventitious transgenes and xenobiotic monitoring.

Community involvement is key to sustainable agrobiodiversity management, and the text highlights the importance of awareness, community strategies, social equity, conservation of local practices, and community participation. It covers indigenous practices for seed storage, conservation of traditional water tanks, tribal farmers' knowledge and practices, the role of women in conservation, organic practices, community seed networks, community pastures, and public-private partnerships.

1. Enhancing Public Private Partnerships for Agrobiodiversity Management in Seed and Planting Material Domain of Horticulture: Role of Technology Transfer and Incubation Facility 2. Commercial Exploitation of Wild Musa Biodiversity 3. Collection, Conservation and Evaluation of Niger Plant Genetic Resources for Specific Traits for Achieving Sustainability in Production 4. Utilization of Local Wheat Biodiversity for Sustainable Development 5. Genetic Diversity Among Rice Genotypes for Yield and Quality Components Cultivated in Integrated Fertilizer Management 6. Sorghum Germplasm Diversity in India 7. Monitoring for Adventitious Presence of Transgenes in Ex Situ Cotton Collections Conserved at National Gene Bank in India 8. Awareness of Farmers about Sustainable Farming Practices in Pigeonpea Cultivation 9. Conservation of Minor Millets For Sustaining Agricultural Biodiversity and Food Security 10. Strategies to Foster and Conserve Navara- A Wonder Medicinal Rice 11. Agri Bio-Diversity and Genetics of Fiber Characters, Yield and its Components in Intra and Inter Specific Hybrids of Allo-Tetraploid Cottons (Gossypium spp. Linn.) 12. Genetic Divergence Studies in Maize Germplasm (Zea mays L.) 13. Crop Diversity in Andhra Pradesh and Their Conservation Concerns 14. Indian Cattle Biodiversity – Source of Sustainable Livelihood Security Under Rural India 15. Livestock Breeds for Livelihoods and Sustainable Inclusive Development 16. Profile of Village-Based Indigenous Chicken Production System in Kerala 17. Indian Hill Camel (Camelus dromedarius) and Sustainable Camel Dairying 18. Evolution, Status and Conservation of Camelids 19. Sustainability of Grazing Land Through Assessment of Carrying Capacity of Pasture Land in Western Zone of Tamil Nadu 20. Sustainable Rural Poultry Production through Conservation and Improvement of Native Chickens 21. Studies on Pollinator Fauna and Their Relative Abundance of Mustard (Brassica Juncea L.: Cruciferae) At Pantnagar 22. Biodiversity and Agro-Biodiversity in Restoration of Traditional Village Tank Systems with Community Participation in Southern India 23. Agrobiodiversity (Landraces) Conservation through Traditional Storage Practices 24. Traditional Knowledge of Tribal Farmers on Agrobiodiversity (Landraces) in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh 25. Identification of Predominant Farming Systems in High Altitude and Tribal (HAT) Zone of Andhra Pradesh 26. Role of Women in Agrobiodiversity Conservation 27. Modern Tools and Techniques for Xenobiotic Monitoring 28. Open Source Seed Network 29. A Review on Strategies for Community-Based Biodiversity Conservation (CBC)

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