The Chemistry of Soil Processes

by D.J. Greenland & M.H.B.Hayes
ISBN: 9789383305926 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 728 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2015
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The book is intended to describe the chemistry of several of the important processes which take place in the soil. These are discussed in detail in the appropriate s which include treatments of precipitation and of ion-exchange reactions, adsorption and the formation of complexes, and of oxidation and reduction.

D.J.Greenland: The International Rice Research Institute Manila, Philippines

1. Soil Processes by D.J. Greenland and M.h.B. Hayes 2. Mass Flow and Diffusion by A. Wild 3. Precipitation by O. Talibudeen 4. Cation Exchange in Soils by O. Talibudeen 5. Anion and Ligand Exchange by C.J.B. Mott 6. Adsorption of Organic Molecules by S. Burchill, D.J. Greenland and M.H.B. Hayes 7. Oxidation and Reduction by D.L. Rowell 8. The Translocation of Metals in Soils by C. Bloomfield 9. The Fate of Plant and Animal Residues in Soil by D.S. Jenkinson 10. The Fate of Fertilizers by G.W. Cooke 11. The Fate of Heavy Metals by L.H.P. Jones and S.C. Jarvis 12. The Behaviour of Pesticides in Soil by I.G. Graham-Bryce