Commercial Horticulture

authored by: N.L.Patel, S.L.Chawla & T.R.Ahlawat
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ISBN: 9789385516238 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 584 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2016
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The book titled "Commercial Horticulture" will provide valuable insight into modern technologies that can help overcome the limitations currently hindering the development of horticulture. These technologies, including protected cultivation, hybrid seed production, micro irrigation, fertigation, organic farming, mechanization, and processing, post-harvest management, and others, will strengthen the horticulture industry and promote sustainable and multi-faceted growth in the agricultural sector in India. The introduction of these modern technologies will accelerate the commercialization of horticulture, ultimately leading to its growth and development.

N.L. Patel:  ASPEE College of Horticulture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari 396 450,Gujarat, India

S.L. Chawla  Former Dean, ASPEE College of Horticulture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari 396 450,Gujarat, India

T.R. Ahlawat:  ASPEE College of Horticulture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari 396 450,Gujarat, India

Unit-I: Current Scenario in Commercial Horticulture: 1. Status and Scenario of Horticulture Growth and Development in India and the World by N.L. Patel, T.R. Ahlawat and Alka Singh 2. Current Status, Issues and Future Strategies of Vegetable Production in India Piyush Verma and Pawar Yogesh 3. Present Status, Constraints and Future Potential of Floriculture in India by S.L. Chawla, Sudha Patil, T.R. Ahlawat and Roshni Agnihotri 4. Present Status, Problems and Future Potential of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in India by B.S. Desai, B.V. Padhiar and N.L. Patel 5. Present Scenario and Future Strategies for Genetic Improvement in Vegetable Crops by K.B. Kathiria, R.R. Acharya and H.R. Kher 6. An Overview of Citrus Industry in India by L.K. Dashora 7. Scope, Progress and Constraints of Protected Cultivation in India by Balraj Singh 8. Current Trends, Opportunities and Constraints in the Export of Fresh Fruits from India by T.R. Ahlawat, N.L. Patel, S.L. Chawla and Alka Singh

Unit-II: Current Trends in Commercial Horticulture: 9. Recent Advances in Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops R.M. Patel 10. Types and Designs of Protected Structures and their Management by P.M.Chauhan11. Biotechnological Interventions for Improvement of Horticultural Crops by Vipul Parekh 12. Integrated Nutrient Management in Horticultural Crops by B.N. Kolambe13. Effective Utilization of Biofertilizers in Horticultural Crops by A.N. Sabalpara and Lalit Mahatma 14. Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Horticultural Crops by S.J. Patil, B.V. Padhiar and N.L. Patel by 15. Precision Farming in Horticultural Crops by B.M. Solia, R.G. Patil and R.T. Khatri 16. Fertigation Studies in Horticultural Crops by B.M. Solia, R.G. Patil and S.L. Pawar 17. Prospects of Organic Farming in Horticultural Crops by B.N. Kolambe 18. Trends and Issues in Horticulture Based Farming Systems by Sanjay Singh, S.S. Hiwale, A.K. Singh and S.K. Sharma 19. Horticulture Based Farming Systems for Arid and Semi Arid Regions of India by R.A. Kaushik 20. Crop Regulation: Concepts and its Commercial Uses by Kirti Bardhan 21. Integrated Disease Management in Horticultural Crops by P.R. Patel 22. Pest and Disease Forecasting Modules for Horticultural Crops by Z.P. Patel, S.P. Saxena and C.J. Patel 23. IPM Strategies for Horticultural Crops – An Overview by G.G. Radadia, C.U. Shinde and S.R. Patel 24. Weed Management in Horticultural Crops by J.D.Thanki 25. Impact of Climate Change on Horticultural Crops by P.K. Shrivastava 26. Marketing and Supply Chain Issues in Horticulture by Ruchira Shukla 27. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Horticulture: An Overview by Ruchira Shukla

Unit-III: Post Harvest Handling and Value Addition: 28. Recent Advances in Post Harvest Handling of Horticultural Crops by Dev Raj, A.K. Senapati and N.L. Patel 29. Waste Management in Horticulture Processing Industry Dev Raj, A.K. Senapati and N. L. Patel 30. Emerging Technologies for Horticultural Crop Processing by Dev Raj, A.K. Senapati, F.M. Sahu and N.L. Patel 31. Processing and Value Addition in Underutilized Fruits by R.A. Kaushik 32. Packaging and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables by Pandit Parag and Naik Krishna 33. Processing and Value Addition for Home Scale Preservation by Dev Raj, A.K. Senapati, F.M. Sahu and N.L. Patel 34. Advances in Packaging and Storage of Flowers by A.K. Senapati, Dev Raj, Ritu Jain and N.L. Patel 35. Value-Addition in Flowers: Modes and Methods by Alka Singh, T.R. Ahlawat and N.L. Patel 36. Drying Techniques in Ornamental Plants by Ritu Jain, T. Janakiram and G.L. Kumawat Unit-IV: Landscape and Gardening: 37. Landscape Gardening by M.A. Patel 38. Landscape Gardening for Environmental Services by H.P. Sumangala and A.S.Sidhu 39. Vertical Gardening: A New Concept of Modern Era by Ritu Jain and T. Janakiram 40. New Innovations in Exterior Landscaping by T. Janakiram, Sapna Panwar and Lakshmi Durga 41. Recent Advances in Turf Management by Susan Mathew, S.L. Chawla and Roshni Agnihotri

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