Livestock Meteorology

by GSLHV Prasada Rao
ISBN: 9789385516870 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 540 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2017
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Weather and climate play an important role in animal husbandry and livestock production. While climate determines the adaptability of a particular animal in a given region, weather determines animal health and day-to-day performance. Altogether twenty seven chapters are included in this book, covering basic aspects of atmospheric phenomena and its applications in the field of animal agriculture. In nutshell, the textbook revolves around basic concepts of livestock meteorology, effects of various weather elements and indices on animal physiology, relevance of modification of microclimate, livestock advisory based on weather forewarning, effects of weather and climate on diseases including UV radiation effects, meteorological instruments, units and computations, statistical methods in livestock meteorology and climatology of India. This is unique publication and is of immense use to the students, faculty members, researchers, scientists and students of animal husbandry, livestock meteorology, climate science. climate change and animal agriculture. It will be a reference material to all those who are interested to understand the impact of weather and climate on animal husbandry and livestock management. The Editors’ earnest hope is that the textbook will be widely read and discussed among the scientific community in the field of climate change and animal agriculture.

Prof. (Dr.) GSLHV Prasada Rao: is currently working as Consultant Professor at the Centre for Animal Adaptation to Environment and Climate Change Studies (CAADECCS), Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU), Mannuthy on superannuation from Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), Vellanikkara, Thrissur. Dr. G. Girish Varma: did his B.V.Sc. & A.H. from Kerala Agricultural University. He is currently working as Dean, College of Dairy Science and Technology, KVASU, Mannuthy.

1. Introduction to Livestock Meteorology G.S.L.H.V. Prasada Rao 2. Weather and Climate Concepts in Livestock Environment P.S.N. Sastry 3. Role of Biometeorology in Livestock V.Sejian, R.Bhatta and S.M.K.Naqvi 4. Microclimate and Animal Husbandry John Abraham 5. Role of Weather in Livestock Management AVR Krishna Rao 6. Thermal Indices and Dairy Cattle Management A. Prasad, A. Kannan and V.L. Gleeja 7. Weather Extremes and Livestock Production Under Humid Tropics V. Sejian, G. Krishnan, M. Bagath, Lipismita Samal, N.M. Soren, P.K. Malik and R. Bhatta 8. Different Heat Stress Indices to Quantify Stress Response in Livestock and Poultry Lipismita Samal, V. Sejian, M. Bagath, G. Krishnan, A. Manimaran and R. Bhatta 9. Temperature Effects on Milk Composition and Production in Livestock V.P. Maurya, Gyanendra Singh, V. Sejian and Mihir Sarkar 10. Temperature Regulation and Heat Exchange Mechanism Under Environmental Stress in Farm Animals Gyanendra Singh, V. P. Maurya and V. Sejian 11. Physiology of Stress in Animals Z.A. Pampori 12. Assessment of Stress in Livestock G. Girish Varma 13. Modeling of Greenhouse Gases and Its Significance in Livestock Farms V. Sejian, M.Bagath, G.Krishnan, Lipismita Samal and R. Bhatta 14. UV Radiation and Sunburns on Animals N. Divakaran Nair 15. Impact of Climate on Foot and Mouth Disease Janus, A, Saravanan Subramaniam and Shivakumar Rekhyanaik 16. Effect of Climate on Animal Diseases T.N. Balasubramanian and A Rajendran 17. Weather Forecasting and Livestock Advisory G.S.L.H.V. Prasada Rao 18. ITK Tools for Weather Forecasting Through Biological Indicators S. Biju 19. Indian Climatology M. Satya Kumar 20. Meteorological Instruments for Livestock Management B.V.S.Amatya 21. Automatic Weather Station and UV-Biometer G.S.L.H.V. Prasada Rao 22. Units and Computations C.S. Gopakumar and GSLHV Prasada Rao 23. Statistical Methods in Livestock Meteorology K.A. Mercey and T. Unnikrishnan 24. Impact of Climate on Livestock M. Satya Kumar and U. Sarveswara Rao 25. Heat Stress Management in Poultry Vimal Antony 26. Role of Climate in Reproductive Pattern of Small Ruminants in the Humid Tropics C. Ibraheem Kutty 27. Diseases and Climate Change P.V. Tresamol, K. Devada, M. Mini, Syamala, and Elizabeth Kurien