Avian Pathology: A Colour Handbook

by Ravindra Nath Sharma & Neelash Sharma
ISBN: 9789387973169 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 302 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2018
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Since past few decades because of changing demand for white meat from red meat, the small poultry farms and backyard poultry units developed to commercial farms. The adaptation of intensive poultry keeping methods and rearing of different species of poultry together has given rise to many disease problems. Since the inception of intensive poultry production worldwide farmers were struggling with severe diseases and huge economic losses in their unit.

In order to keep pace with ever expanding poultry industry and meeting the increased demand for poultry products, knowledge for prevention and control of poultry diseases will be crucial. The book will enable veterinary students to have sound understanding and working knowledge of poultry diseases.

The book will also assist personnel at the poultry disease diagnostic laboratories and progressive farmers. The book devotes total seven sections including basics about avian, bacterial diseases, viral diseases, fungal diseases, parasitic diseases, nutritional deficiency diseases and miscellaneous disorders affecting poultry. There are total 74 chapters in a capsule form.

Emphasis has been put on etiology, transmission, epizootiology, clinical signs, gross and microscopic lesions, diagnosis, treatment and control. Where necessary, mention has been made on zoonoses. Necessary images and tables have been added to enhance the understanding of the diseases.

Ravindra Nath Sharma: Professor of Pathology and Avian Diseases, School of Veterinary Medicine St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies

Neelesh Sharma: Senior Assistant Professor, Division of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Jammu, R.S. Pura, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Section-1: Basics About Avian: 1.Glossary of Poultry Terms 2.Taxonomy of Avian Species 3.Immunity and Inflammation in Birds Section-2: Bacterial Diseases: 4. Avian Salmonellosis 5.Paratyphoid Infections 6.Arizonosis 7.Avian Mycoplasmosis 8.Colibacillosis / Escherichia Coli Infections 9.Fowl Cholera 10.Riemerella Anatipestifer Infection 11.Erysipelas 12.Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis (Pasteurella Pseudotuberculosis) 13.Campylobacter Infections 14.Spirochetosis 15.Avian Intestinal Spirochetosis 16.Clostridial Infections 17.Infectious Coryza (Fowl Coryza) 18.Ornithobacterium Rhinotracheale Infection 19.Bardetellosis (Turkey Coryza) 20.Mycobacteriosis 21.Chlamydiosis 22.Omphalitis (Navel ill, Mushy chick disease) 23.Staphylococcosis 24.Streptococcus 25.Enterococcosis Section-3: Viral Diseases: 26.Newcastle Disease (ND; Avian Pneumoencephalitis) 27.Pneumovirus Infections (Turkey Rhinotracheitis, TRT and Swollen Head Syndrome, SHS) 28.Infectious Laryngotracheitis (Laryngotracheitis, ILT; LT) 29.Infectious Bronchitis (IB) 30.Infectious Anemia (Chicken Anemia Agent [CAA] infection) 31.Adenovirus Infections of Chickens 32.Quail Bronchitis (QB) 33.Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH; Adenoviral Infection) 34.Hydropericardium Syndrome (HS) 35.EGG Drop Syndrome 1976 (EDS 76) 36.Viral Arthritis 37.Fowl Pox (Pox; Avian Pox) 38.Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD; Gumboro Disease) 39.Marek’s Disease 40.Avian Leukosis (LL) (Lymphoid Leukosis, LL) 41.Myelocytomatosis 42.Reticuloendotheliosis 43.Avian Nephritis 44.Avian Influenza (AI; Influenza; Fowl Plague) 45.Avian Encephalomyelitis 46.Coronaviral Enteritis of Turkeys (CVE) (Blue comb disease, mud fever, transmissible enteritis, infectious enteritis) 47.Hemorrhagic Enteritis of Turkeys (HE; BLOODY GUT) 48.Duck Virus Enteritis (DVE, Duck Plague) 49.Duck Virus Hepatitis (DVH) 50.Eastern Equine Encephalitis (Eee) Virus Infection 51.West Nile Virus (WNV) Section-4: Fungal Diseases: 52.Aspergillosis (Brooder pneumonia) 53.Candidiasis (Thrush; Mycosis of Digestive Tract) 54.Cryptococcosis 55.Dermatophytosis (FAVUS) 56.Mycotoxicosis Section-5: Parasitic Disease: 57.Coccidiosis 58.Cryptosporidiosis 59.Histomoniasis (Black Head; Enterohepatitis) 60.Trichomoniasis 61.Toxoplasmosis 62.Nematodes (Round Worms) 63.Tapeworms (Cestodes) 64.Blood Borne Parasite 65.Ectoparasites Section-6: Deficiency Diseases: 66.Vitamin Deficiency 67.Mineral Deficiency Section-7: Miscellaneous Disorder: 68.Bumble Foot (Pododermatitis/ Planter absces) 69.Cage Layer Fatigue (Osteoporosis) 70.Stunting Runting Syndrome 71.Ascites Syndrome (Water belly, Right ventricular failure, Hypertension syndrome) 72.Hypoglycemia-Spiking Mortality Syndrome of Broiler Chickens (HSMS) 73.Proventricular Dilatation of Broiler Chickens 74.Round Heart Disease of Chickens and Turkeys (Dilated cardiomyopathy)