A Handbook for Dairy Entrepreneurs

authored by: Pranav Kumar, Amandeep Singh & Devesh Thakur
ISBN: 9789387973497 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 424 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2019
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 29.8 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 850 GMS
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The text discusses a publication that imparts fundamental knowledge on dairy farming. The book encompasses comprehensive information on starting an entrepreneurial dairy farming venture, covering all essential aspects of the field. The information provided in the book is scientific and global in scope, making it beneficial for small-scale dairy farming. The book is designed to help dairy owners maintain the health of their animals by covering various elements of dairy production, such as breeds and breeding management, housing and feeding management, dairy animal diseases, and disease prevention and control measures.

This book serves as a comprehensive encyclopedia of dairy husbandry practices and guides both practicing dairy farmers and aspiring youth entrepreneurs in starting a dairy farming venture from scratch. The book emphasizes the use of locally available resources to start dairy farming and provides first-hand knowledge to entrepreneurs. The topics covered in the book are illustrated with pictorial representations, making it easy to understand how to start dairy farming. Additionally, the book promotes the use of non-conventional items found in rural households for dairy animal rearing.

Section A: Dairy Entrepreneurship Approaches: 1.Introduction 2 Key Concepts in Dairy Entrepreneurship 3.Entrepreneurship Project on Dairy Farming 4.Format for Project Report Preparation of A Dairy Farm 5.Dairy Entrepreneurship Training and Development Programmes 6.Prevailing Support System for Dairy Entrepreneurship 7.Preparing Projects for Bank Appraisal and Banking Requirements for the Dairy Entrepreneurship Projects 8.Technical and Economic Feasibility of Entrepreneurship Project (Dairy Farm) 9.Entrepreneurial Funding 10.Preparing Project Report of A Dairy Plant 11.Financial Credit and Financial Management 12.Financial Analysis in Dairy Enterprise 13.Livestock Insurance 14.Commercial Dairy Farming 15.Economics - Model Dairy Farm 16.Model Unit Cost and Economics of a 10 Buffalo Unit 17.Techno-Economic Study of Dairy Farm (10+10 Cross-bred Unit) 18 Techno – Economic Study of Dairy Farm (5+5 Crossbred UNIT)

Section B: Dairy Husbandry Information & Practices for Dairy Entrepreneurs: 19.Breeds of Dairy Cattle and Buffaloes 20.Housing 21.Nutrition (Feed and Fodders) 22.Management 23.Reproduction  24.Milking 25.Health and Diseases 26.Miscellanous 27 Images I. Dairy Farm Equipments II. Major Diseases of Dairy Animals III. Major Parasitic Diseases of Dairy Animals IV. Gynaecological Disorders in Dairy Animals.

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