Artificial Seeds Technology: An Emerging Avenue of Seed Science & Applied Biotechnology (Co-Published With CRC Press,UK)

by Bidhan Roy
ISBN: 9789387973596 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 246 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2020
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The artificial seed technology is a rousing and fast growing area of research in plant tissue culture. This technology is currently considered as an efficient alternative technique for plant propagation of commercially important plant materials.

This technology also facilitates the way of handling cells and tissues, protecting them from external gradients, short-term and long-term storage under low temperature and ultra-low temperature, respectively and as an efficient system of delivery.

The information in the areas of synthetic seed preparation technology, its implications, achievements and limitations are lying unorganized in different articles of journals and edited books. Those information is presented in this book in organized way with up-to-date citations, which will provide comprehensive literature of recent advances.

Bidhan Roy is Professor and Head, Department of Seed Science and Technology, Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Pundibari, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India

1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals of Plant Tissue Culture 3. Gelling Agents and Additives 4. Artificial Seeds Preparation Technology 5. Propagules for Encapsulation 6. Uses of Artificial Seeds 7. Hardening of Artificial Seed Derived Plantlets 8. Achievements 9. Genetic Stability of Artificial Seed 10. Limitations 11. Future Scenarios