Solar Energy in Agriculture: Principles and Applications

edited by: Priyabrata Santra, Ranjay Kumar Singh, Surendra Poonia & Dilip Jain
ISBN: 9789387973848 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 286 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2020
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 22.5 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 630 GMS
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The book under discussion concentrates on the extensive use and generation of solar energy in the Agriculture sector. The author has elaborately discussed the fundamental principles and technologies of solar energy resources in the subsequent chapters. The book comprises of 23 chapters in total, out of which the first two chapters delve into the present and future prospects of solar energy utilization in the agriculture sector in India. The subsequent eight chapters (Chapter No. 3-10) provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies. The last 13 chapters (Chapter No. 11-23) highlight the applications of solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies in various farm operations and postharvest processing in the agriculture sector. The book is an essential resource for students, researchers, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and other interested individuals, as it offers in-depth information and valuable insights on solar energy and its applications in agriculture.

1. Energy Requirements in Agriculture and Renewable Energy Options for Future

    Priyabrata Santra and O.P. Yadav

2. A Brief Overview of Solar Energy Initiatives in India: Past, Present and Future

     P.C. Pande

3. Solar Passive Techniques for Cooling in Arid Region

    Dilip Jain

4. Theory of Solar Thermal Technology and its Application in Agriculture

     N.M. Nahar

5. Fundamental Theories and Laws of Solar Radiation and Solar PV Technology

     Priyabrata Santra and S. Poonia

6. Solar Cooker and Dryer: Basic Design Criteria

     N. M. Nahar

7. Mathematical Model of Solar Air Heater for Performance Evaluation

    Rajendra Karwa

8. Basic Principles of Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube Collectors in Solar Water Heater

     Surendra Poonia, A.K. Singh, Priyabrata Santra and R.K. Singh

9. Basic Principles of Solar Refrigeration and its Applications

     Priyabrata Santra, S. Poonia and R.K. Singh

10. Theory on Solar Air Heaters and its Application in Cold Region

      R.K. Singh, Priyabrata Santra and S. Poonia

11. Animal Feed Solar Cooker, Solar Candle Device and Passive Cool Chamber: Principles and Applications

     A. K. Singh and S. Poonia

12. Concentrating Type of Collectors and their Potential Applications

     Priyabrata Santra, S. Poonia and R.K. Singh

13. Solar PV Pumping System for Irrigation: Principles and Applications

      Priyabrata Santra, P.C. Pande, A.K. Singh, R.K. Singh

14. PV–Hybrid Structures for Cultivation of Crops in Arid Region

     A. K. Singh, S. Poonia and Priyabrata Santra

15. Solar PV Devices for Application of Chemicals in Crop Fields: PV Operated Duster and Sprayer

      Priyabrata Santra, P.C. Pande, R.K. Singh, D. Jain, S. Ansari S. Thakur, P.C. Bawankar

16. Field Performance of a Solar PV Pumping System: A Case Study with 1 HP Solar Pump

     Priyabrata Santra, A.K. Singh, P.C. Pande, and R.K. Singh

17. Phase Change Material Based Solar Dryer for Value Addition of Agricultural Produce

     Dilip Jain and Soma Srivastava

18. Application of PCM Materials in Temperature Regulation Inside Protected Agriculture System

     Priyabrata Santra, P.C. Pande, A.K. Singh, S. Poonia

19. Economic Analysis of Solar Energy Devices

     Priyabrata Santra, S. Poonia and R.K. Singh

20. Advances in Solar Photovoltaic Technology: Monocrystalline to Flexible Solar Panels

     P.C. Pande

21. Phase Change Materials -A Sustainable Way of Solar Thermal Energy Storage

     Abhishek Anand, A. Shukla, Atul Sharma

22. Passive and Hybrid Cooling Systems for Building in Hot and Dry Climatic Condition

     S.P. Singh and Digvijay Singh

23. Solar Drying in Food Processing and Effect on Quality Parameters

     Soma Srivastava and Dilip Jain

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