Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics

authored by: A.P. Upadhyay, Ajit KumarRoy & Pramodh Kumar Pandey
ISBN: 9789387973923 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 364 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2019
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 26.2 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 770 GMS
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international fisheries governance, iuu fishing, technologies, farm operations, offshore, land, scientists, resource managers, researchers, big data, feed conversion ratio, specific feeding ratio, key performance indicators, neural network forecasts, big data analytics, aquaculture, water quality, temperature, sensor technology, artificial intelligence systems, data mining, aqua farming industry, value chain, processed fish products, partial budget analysis, statistical test, social science researchers, fao, sustainable development goal 14

This book provides a detailed overview to the topic of international fisheries governance and the drivers of IUU fishing. Technologies that directly address these challenges reduce costs and improve and expand farm operations both offshore and especially on land are reported in this communication. The book provides information on the following areas to scientists, resource managers and researchers working with big data to advance more sustainable fisheries practices.

Modeling in the areas of Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Specific Feeding Ratio (SFR), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are needed for efficient management of resources for sustainable production from fisheries sector. Neural Network forecasts that exceeded other traditional forecasting methods such as linear or logistic regression systems. Application of Big Data Analytics in aquaculture that facilitated to bring the techniques of aquaculture to a new level of in depth understanding and unlocking the economic potential of improved management decisions particularly can spot business trends, prevent disease, combat crime, and even revolutionize the health of fisheries.

Application of ANN to forecast water quality and temperature that benefits aquaculture process control. Sensor Technology that offers real-time environmental monitoring system for aquaculture in a wide range of areas and visual signal processing system to continuously control the feeding process of fish in aquaculture tanks. Artificial Intelligence Systems that in turn helps in increased process efficiency; reduced energy and water losses; reduced labor costs; reduced stress and disease; better understanding of the process and efficient accounting are also.

Data Mining for better control on the food loss and food quality in the aqua farming industry. Analysis of Value Chain of Processed Fish Products Partial Budget Analysis for better understanding of the farm’s financial status and more efficient use of the resources available particularly for aquaculture practices. Tips for right type of statistical test to equip the social science researchers capable of performing of Statistical tests for various rating scales mostly used for social sciences research.

A holistic, global-scale focus on challenges of IUU and technology initiatives to face the challenge This unique book explores a wide range of analytical issues centered on the aquaculture process management. It is expected that this book will be most useful who aims in achieving FAO’s Sustainable Development Goal 14, which calls on the international community to effectively regulate fish harvesting end overfishing, illegal fishing, and destructive fishing practices, and to implement science-based management.

1. Economics of Production Technologies in Marine Fisheries in India 2 . Analysis of Aquaculture Farm Changes through Partial Budgeting Technique 3. Impact Assessment Tools for Evaluating Fisheries Research Programmes 4. Economic Significance of Resource Use and Species Diversification in 5. Advances in Modelling in Fisheries and Aquaculture in Big Data Era 6 . An Analysis of Value Chain of Processed Fish Products in North East Region of India 7 . Strategic Approaches for Holistic Development of Ornamental Fisheries Sector in India 8. Assessment of Socio-Economic Improvement of Women Engaged in Ornamental Fish Trade at Hatibagan and Dasnagar, West Bengal 9 Estimation of Food Deprivation Undernourished Elasticity of Income and Expenditure Farmers of Tripura 10. Assessment of Appropriateness of In Knowledge (ITK) in Fisheries 11. Analysis of Food Security of Fish Farmers Using Clustering Technique 12. Traditional Fishing Practices for Livelihood Generation in North Eastern Region 1 3 Fish Marketing Practices of Kombuthurai Thoothukudi District: A Case Study 14. Meta Data Analysis on Production and Marketing Constraints in Freshwater Fish in Asian Countries 15. Linear Programming Approach in Search of an Efficient Supplementary Fish Feed for Composite Fish Culture System 16. Methodological Approach for Attitude Scale Construction for Members of Fishery Co-operatives Societies 17. Tips on Application of Statistical Methods in Social Science 18. ERP Software Application in Aquaculture Industr 19. Fisheries Resource Assessment and Management Concepts and Techniques 

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