Large Animal Orthopedics: An Illustrated Handbook on Amputations, Prosthetic Fittings and Rehabilitations

by Nayak, S.
ISBN: 9789389130256 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 344 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2020
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The concept of amputation, prosthetic, orthotic fitting and orthopaedic rehabilitation on large animals is an innovative practice developed by the author. The author has developed several techniques of fitting of prosthetic and orthotic appliances for the large animals.
The practical lessons and illustrations included in the book will be of very much of use for the students, teachers and researchers and practitioners in Veterinary Science in general and surgery in particular, covering details of surgical techniques in a brief manner with pictorial representation.
The basic idea behind this book is to publish innovative methods and new affective techniques that are easy successful and cost effective. In orthopaedic treatment in large animals fitting of artificial limbs, prosthetic and orthotic appliances, amputation and rehabilitation appear to be very rare and complicated. Large numbers of hand drawings and photographs have been incorporated in order to visualize the surgical techniques for better understanding. Fabrication of modified Thomas Splint has been demonstrated step wise using illustrations. Use of conjoined 'U' plate for better immobilization in case of lower limb fabrication in large animals is claimed as an innovative step. A sling has been fabricated for lifting of downed large animals for making them mobile to facilitate exercise of unused and paralyzed limbs using locally available materials to make it cost effective as well as availability in most rural interiors.

Sadananda Nayak, (Retired) Professor and Head, Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubneshwar 751 003, Orissa, India

1. Abnormal Movement of Limb 2. Body Symmetry of Animal in Relation to Location of Centre of Gravity 3. Gait of A Normal Animal, Fractured Patient and Animal with Thomas Splint 4. Skeletal System of Bovine 5. Number of Bones in Skeleton of Ox 6. Superficial Muscles of Fore and Hind Limbs 7. Skull of Ox : Dorsal View 8. Skull of Ox (Sinuses Opened) 9. Skull of Ox, without Mandible, Ventral View 10. Skull of Ox: Lateral Vew 11. Sagittal Section of Skull of Ox Without Mandible 12 Mandible and Hyoid Bone 13. Atlas 14. The Cervical Vertebrae 15. Fourth Lumbar Vertebrae and  Sacrum of Ox 16. Scapula of Ox 17. Carpus and Adjacent Bones of Ox 18. Metacarpal and Metatarsal of Ox 19. Bone of Distal Part of Fore Limb of Ox 20. Sacrum of Ox 21. Bones of the Pelvic Girdle 22. Right Os Coxae of Ox; Lateral View 23. Bones of the Hind Limb 24. Tarsus and Adjacent Bones of Ox 25. Orthopaedic Instruments 26. First Aid in Orthopaedic Patient 27. Classification of Fracture 28. Curve Showing Degree of Inflammation and Time of Application of External Immobilisers 29. Bone Showing Various Level of Fracture and Their External Immobilisation Technique 30. Fracture Immobilizing Bandages 31. Various External Immobilizer for Large Animal Fracture Repair 32. Immobilization of Fracture by Temporary Immobilizer 33. Pop Bandaging Technique 34. Length to be Covered by P.O.P Cast for Immobilization of Fracture of Different Sites 35. Reinforced Pop Cast with Padded Bamboo Splints 36. Pop Cast With Window for Compound Fracture 37. Materials used for Immobilization of Fractured Limb with Gum Bandage 38. Arrangement of 16 Layer Padded Cloth 39. Fabrication of Netted Padded Bamboo Splint 40. Fabrication of Single U-Plate and Conjoindu-Plate Using Green Bamboo, Cane, Bread Twiser and Iron Rod 41. Liberal Application of GUM over the Fracture Area for Immobilisation 42. Application of Cotton Padded Cloth and its Retention for Immobilization of Fracture Site 43. Application of First Layer Padded Cloth & Its Retention with Thread 44. Liberal Application of Gum Over the 1st Layer Padded Cloth 45. Reinforcement of Gum Bandage with Padded Netted Bamboo Splint 46. Fixation of Protective Rubber Slipper Over Foot 47. Classification of Fracture & its Repair in Large Animal 48. Lower Level Fracture and Its Repair 49. Treatment of Lower Level Fracture (HINDLIMB) 50. Lower Level Fracture 51. Middle Level Fracture Repair 52. Middle Level Fracture 53. Higher Level Fracture Repair 54. Photo Feature of Higher Level Fracture 55. Highest Level Fracture (HLF) and its Management 56. Photo Features of Highest Level Fracture 57. Conjoined ‘U’ Plate with Ring for Immobilisation of Radius and Ulna Fracture 58. Hanging Pin Cast 59. Intramedullary Pinning of Humerus in Large Animal 60. Intramedullary Pinning of Femur in Large Animal 61. Modified Valpeau Sling for Highest Level Fore Limb Fracture 62. Modified Velpeau Sling for Highest Level Fracture of Hind Limb 63. Different Types of Thomas Splints 64. Thomas Splint Used in Animals (For Fore limb) 65. List of Requisite for Preparation of Large Animal Thomas Splint 66. Measurement of Ring of Thomas Splint for Large Animal 67. Wire Rings Required for Different Age Group of Animals 68. Preparation of Side Bars of Large Animal Thomas Splint 69. Method of Tying Ring with Bamboo Splint and Description 70. Padding of Thomas Splint Ring with Jute & Cotton Bandage 71. Medial Bending of Lower Half of Thomas Splint 72. Measurement of Length of Thomas Splint, Shortening of Length & Padding of Distal End 73. Net Fabrication in Large Animals Thomas Splint 74. Fitting Thomas Splint and Its Retention Over Gum Bandage 75. Fitting of Thomas Splint in Forelimb of Large Animal 76. Method of Fitting of Thomas Splint in Hind Limb of Large Animal 77. Method of Securing Thomas Splint 78. Method of Fixation of Hoof With the Distal End of Thomas Splint 80. Recommendation of Confinement Space and Time for Fracture Immobilised Patient 82. Fabrication of Durable Thomas Splint 84. Immobilisation of Proximal 1/3rd Metacarpal and Metatarsal Bone 85. Technique of Immobilization of Carpometacarpal and Tarsometa Tarsal or Joint Dislocation 86. Immobilisation Technique for Upper Third Radius-Ulna Fracture 87. Technique of Immobilization of Upper 3rd Tibia Fibula Fracture 88. Conjoined Double Thomas Splint for Both Tibia Fibula – Fracture Repair 89. Immobilization of Symphysial Fractured Mandible in Large Animals 90. Immobilization of Fracture of Ramus of Mandible 91. Immobilization of Limb for Flexor Tendon Repair 92. Digital Tendon Repair 93. Suturing Technique of Transected Gastrocnemious Tendon 94. Immobilization of Hind Limb for Tendo Achiles Repair 95. Hip Dislocation and It’s Correction 96. Contracted Leg in Calves 97. Flushing Facility of Compound Fracture 98. Flushing Facility of Compound Fracture 99. Provision of Counter Opening and Flushing Catheter Fixation Within Infected Fracture 100. Classification of Tumor 101. Classification of Bone Tumours 102. Amputation of the Claw 103. Single Digit Amputation 104. Double Digit Amputation 105. Level of Amputation at Fore & Hind Limb by Bone Section Technique 106. Method of Apposing Muscle, Fascia, Skin Over Amputed Stump 107. Joint Disarticulation Method of Limb Amputation 108. Fetlock Disarticulation 109. Carpo-Metacarpal Joint Disarticulation 110. Elbow Disarticulation 111. Shoulder Disarticulation 112. Tarso-Metatarsal Joint Disarticulation Technique in Large animal 113. Stiffle Disarticulation 114. HIP Disarticulation 115. Figures of Various Amputees by Joint Disarticulation Method 116. Comparison Between Bone Section and Joint Disarticulation Method of Limb Amputation 117. Different Steps in Preparation of Permanent Prothesis 118. Different Steps in Preparation of Fore Limb Prothesis 119. Below Knee (B.K) Prothesis 120. Above Knee (A.K.) Prosthesis 121. Hind Foot Prosthesis-I 122. Below Hock (B.H.) Prosthesis -II 123. Above Hock (A.H.) Prosthesis – III 124. Amputation and Prosthetic Limb  Below Carpus in Cattle 125. Indications for Rehabiltation of Downer’s Cow Using Mobile Sling 126.  Requisite for Preparation of Large Animal Mobile Sling 127. Fabrication of Mobile Sling 128. Preparation of Padded Tyres for Sling Preparation 129. Supportive Sling 130. Fabrication of Mobile Sling131. Method of Placing Downer Animal Within The Sling 132. Method of Slinging 133. Recommended Duration for Slinging Large Animal 134. Sling Rehabilitation of Calf 135. Importance of Rehabilitation of More Than one Limb Fractured Animal Within Mobile Sling 136. Rehabilitation of Large Animal in Exercise Cart 137. Rehabilitation of Two Limb Fractured Animal Within Mobile Sling 138. Osteology 139. Prosthetic Fitting