Safety and Quality Management in Food Supply Chain: A Farm To Fork Approach

edited by: Sudheer, K.P. & Bindu Lakshmanan
ISBN: 9789389571837 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 506 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2021
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Food safety and quality are matters of great international importance and are the responsibilities of food processors and governments within the global food supply chain. The advancements in technological interventions for food quality analysis and safety detection are significant. There is a long-standing demand from both the scientific and industrial communities for a comprehensive documentation that creates awareness, implements strategies, and fills the gaps in research and development related to the safety of both plant and animal-based foods. To address this need, it is essential that current procedures and protocols in the areas of safety and quality analysis and detection be presented in an easily accessible format for the benefit of students, analysts, and researchers.

The background of the contributors to this book spans a range of disciplines, including Food Engineering, Post-harvest Technology, Food Technology, Food Microbiology, Meat Technology, Veterinary Public Health, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Food Packaging, and Quality Management, as well as Community Science. The book covers the most common and new techniques in food safety and quality analysis, addressing relevant issues in these areas. In addition to documenting the safety aspects of various food products, such as cereals, fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, fish, water, bakery, and confectionery, the book also addresses the rules, regulations, and certification associated with the food industry. We are confident that this book will be a valuable resource for both academia and industry in the food processing sector.

1.  Relevance of Safety and Quality in Food Supply Chain

     Sudheer K P, Binuja Thomas and Bindu Lakshmanan

2.  Good Agricultural Practices for Ensuring Safety and Quality of Food Products

     George Thomas C

3.  Food Safety Management Systems

     Sreelakshmi K Unni, Saranya S, Greeshma K and Sudheer K P

4.  Hazards in Food Safety Chain

     Vidya T A, Akhil Thomas T and  Suman K T

5.  Pre Requisite Programs

    Saranya S, Alfiya P V and Sudheer K  

6.  Risk Analysis

     Sankalpa K B and  Sudheer K P

7.  Safety and Quality of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

     Surabhi Wason and Pradeep Singh Negi

8.  Grading of Fruits and Vegetables

     Ravindra Naik and Sudheer K P

9.  Pesticide Residues in Edible Commodities and Environmental Samples

     Thomas George, Ambily Paul, George Xavier and Visal Kumar S

10.  Food Additives: Safety and Quality Aspects

       Devina Vaidya, Manisha Kaushal, Anil Gupta and Anil K Verma

11.  Process Induced Toxicants in Foods

      Shamla L, Heeba S and Nisha P

12.  Street Foods: Safety Concerns

       Rashmi H Poojara and Bindhya Dhanesh T

13.  Traditional Indian Foods: Safety and Quality

        Aneena, E R and Shilpa Jose

14.  Organic Farming and Food Safety

       Jacob John, Sajeena A and Sudheer K P

15.  Safety Aspects of Food Packaging

        Shiby V K and Johnsy George

16.   Safety and Quality of Novel Food Processing Techniques

        Binuja Thomas and Sudheer K P

17.  Food Laws and Regulations

       Sariga S, Claudia K L and Bindhya Dhanesh T

18.  Food Safety and Standard Authority of India: An Overview

       Ashitha G N, Alfiya P V, Sanu Jacob and Kavitha Ramasamy

19.  Food Certification: Theory and Practice

       Dinesh K Menon and Ciya Paul

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