Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Health and Production

edited by: Gangadhar Nayak, Kautuk Kumar Sardar, Bhabesh Chandra Das & Debiprasanna Das
ISBN: 9789390175024 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 314 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2021
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 23.3 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 660 GMS
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livestock, crops, integration, forestry, crop production, heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant, greenhouse gas emissions, geographic information systems, remote sensing technologies, genetic capabilities, climate change adaptation, mitigation practices, policy frameworks, sustainable production

This volume, comprising 30 chapters authored by distinguished experts, encompasses the following topics:

1. Diversification of livestock and crops.
2. Integration of livestock systems with forestry and crop production.
3. Heat and drought-tolerant varieties.
4. Strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ruminants.
5. Applications of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing technologies.
6. Breeds with inherent genetic capabilities to adapt to climate change.
7. Climate change adaptation and mitigation practices.
8. Policy frameworks for promoting sustainable livestock and poultry production.

1.Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Health and Production, 2.Climate Vulnerability and Resilient Agriculture in Odisha, 3.Climate Smart Livestock Management System: Livestock, 4.Climate Change and Its Impact on Extreme Weather Events, 5.Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events, 6.Climate-Smart Small Ruminant Production, 7.Physiological Response of Cattle to Climatic Stress, 8.Genomic Approaches to Identify Heat Tolerance in Livestock, 9.Climate Change Impacts and Innovative Adoption Options for, 10.Climate Effect on High Yielding Animals: Adaptation and, 11.Heat Stress and Its Implications on Large Animals, 12. Strategic Feeding Practices for Sustainable Livestock Production in Rain-fed Areas, 13.Nutritional Intervention in Changing Climatic Situation, 14.Role of Nano-Selenium in Poultry Production and Reproduction, 15.Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies in, 16. Gynaecological Interventions to Mitigate the Adverse Climatic, 17.Innovative Adaptation Strategies for Control of Green House Gas (GHG) Production Through Smart-Animal Agriculture, 18.Startegies for the Conservation of Livestock Breeds in Agro-climatic Zones of Tamil Nadu , 19.Sustainability of Climate Resilient Livestock Conservation Strategies in India, 20.Genetic Diversity of Livestock and Poultry under Changing Climate Scenario: Strategies and Operations, 21.Impact of Climate Change on Poultry Health and Production, 22.Effect of Climate Change on Sustainable Backyard Poultry Production, 23. Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies of Climate Change for Backyard Poultry, 24. Nutritional and Management Practices of Poultry Under Extreme Hot and Humid Condition, 25. Identification of HSP-70 Gene in Ganjam Goat: DNA Extraction, PCR and Electrophoresis, 26. Impact of Climatic Variables on Physiological Haemato-biochemical Profile of Poultry, 27. Application of Nanotechnology in Biology and Its Impact on Climate Change , 28. Proteomics as a Potential Tool to Study the Effects of Climate Change in Aquatic Organisms, 29. Introduction to R-statistics, 30. Application of Basic Statistics for Analysis for Climate Related Data and Designing Experiment for Measurement of Climatic Effect, 31. Climate Change and Policy Interventions for Livestock Sector

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