Advances in Crop Production and Climate Change

authored by: A.S. Yadav, Narendra Kumar, Sanjay Arora, D.S. Srivastava & Hemlata Pant
ISBN: 9789390175499 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 506 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2021
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advancements, fisheries industry, vessel refinements, line-handling systems, preservation, oceanographic sensor equipment, satellite technology, longline vessels, post-harvest technology, energy-efficient, value-added products, skilled human resources, vocational skills, entrepreneurial skills, employment opportunities.

In recent years, India has made significant advancements in the fisheries industry. Improvements in vessel refinements, the use of new materials and line-handling systems, the preservation of catches, the availability of oceanographic sensor equipment, and the utilization of satellite technology to locate potential fishing grounds have greatly enhanced the fishing power of longline vessels. Additionally, post-harvest technology has evolved in the last decade to become more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and capable of upgrading the quality of fish.

Given that fresh fish can quickly spoil, the development of technology for post-harvest preservation and the creation of methods for converting fish into value-added products have become increasingly popular. Value addition is crucial for obtaining high prices for fishery products. It is necessary to develop skilled human resources in the field of post-harvest management of fish and the production of value-added products from them. This can be achieved by inculcating vocational and entrepreneurial skills, which will create employment opportunities, particularly for rural youth and disadvantaged sections of society, as well as enable self-employment.

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