Biofertilizers for Sustainable Production of Horticultural Crops

edited by: Gopal, K. Surendra
ISBN: 9789390591299 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 138 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2022
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Organic farming, Soil enrichment, Plant nutrients, Microbial inoculants, Sustainable agriculture, Crop yield, Eco-friendly fertilizers, Nutrient-rich soil, Green farming, Beneficial microorganisms, Biological fertilizers, Horticultural sustainability, Agroecology, Soil health, Microbial diversity, Plant growth promotion, Natural fertilizers, Biofertilizer technology, Soil microflora, Nutrient cycling, Microbial biomass, Environmental farming, Crop resilience, Nitrogen-fixing bacteria

This text discusses the various aspects of biofertilizers or microbial fertilizers, which are addressed in 15 separate chapters. The first five chapters focus on the fundamental principles of microbial fertilizers. Chapter six examines the effects of horticultural crops in response to biofertilizers. The seventh chapter delves into consortial biofertilizers, which play a crucial role in sustainable production due to their multiple functions. Chapters eight through ten are dedicated to formulations, the quality of biofertilizers, and the challenges faced in their production.

Chapters 11 and 12 provide an overview of recent advances and future research perspectives in the field of biofertilizers. The 13th and 14th chapters cover the key manufacturers and essential equipment required for the production of biofertilizers. This book offers valuable and comprehensive information on the various roles of biofertilizers in horticultural crops and is an essential resource for those interested in the subject. The authors have made a concerted effort to cover all the fundamental and applied aspects of biofertilizers in this book.

Prof. (Dr.). K. Surendra GopaL: is currently working as Professor & Head, Department of Agricultural Microbiology, College of Horticulture, Kerala Agricultural University Thrissur, Kerala, India

1. Introduction to Biofertilizers, 2. Types of Biofertilizers for Horticultural Crops, 3. Mechanisms of Biofertilizers, 4. Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Biofertilizers, 5. Inoculation Methods and Dosage of Biofertilizers, 6. Response of Horticultural Crops to Biofertilizers, 7. Consortia of Biofertilizers (Multistrain Inoculant),  8. Formulations of Biofertilizer, 9. Quality Control of Biofertilizers, 10. Constraints in Biofertilizer Production Technology, 11. Recent Advances in Biofertilizers, 12. Future Research Perspectives and Vision, 13. Major Manufacturers of Biofertilizers in India, 14. Major Equipment’s and Other Items Required for Biofertilizer Production

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