Pongamia for Bio-Energy and Better Environment

authored by: M.V.R. Prasad
ISBN: 9789390591480 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 70 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2022
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 9.09 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 310 GMS
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The monograph on Pongamia pinnata by Dr. M.V.R. Prasad is a significant contribution to the study of this species, as it outlines how to harness the plant's preventive and curative properties, as established by Ayurvedic medicine. The monograph also provides valuable information on the genetic improvement and plantation management of the Pongamia pinnata species. The research on the improvement of Pongamia pinnata and its management as a productive plantation is scarce, but this monograph aims to fill that void. Dr. Prasad has been working on oil-bearing perennial trees since the 1980s and has conducted extensive research on Pongamia pinnata. The monograph is a result of this research and provides a clear guide on how to extract the proven and potential benefits of Pongamia pinnata, including its use as a source of green energy. Additionally, it provides information on how to manage and improve the genetics of this species through plantation management.

Pongam Tree,,Distribution, Habitat, Climate and Adaptation, Taxonomy, Potential Uses of Pongamia, Desirable Attributes of Pongam Tree, Growth and Development, Floral Biology, Pods and Wood, Seed Oil and Its Fuel Characteristics, Pongamia Cake,,Karanjin and Pongamol,Cytology and Genetic Improvement Including Biotechnological Investigations, Selection of Elite Trees,,Plant Physiology,Carbon Sequestration by Pongamia,Phytoremediation of Problem Soils Using Pongamia,Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation, Soil Amelioration and Root Penetration in Rocky Terrain by Pongamia,Green Coal From Pongamia,Propagation,Production Technology for Elite Pongamia Plantation

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