Ultrasound in Veterinary Medicine: Fundamentals and Applications: Fully Illustrated

by J.P. Varshney
ISBN: 9789391383046 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 406 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2022
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 23.8 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA
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The book provides not only basic information about ultrasound, its application and limitations; patient preparation; selection of transducer; setting the machine; land marks for the organs being scanned; sonographic features of healthy normal organs; ultrasound guided aspiration and biopsy taking; Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST); variations in sonographic imaging of dogs and cats; sonographic findings in different diseases: sonography of ruminants, equines and other animals; but also about therapeutic ultrasound; and important case studies for increasing the diagnostic horizon of the clinicians.

The book is divided in to five sections such as basics of ultrasound, ultrasound of canine and feline, ultrasound of other animals, therapeutic ultrasound and sonogram in different diseases as case studies. This book will serve its purpose of providing much needed information on the application of ultrasound in the disease diagnosis of animals and will be a useful guide in a practical way to veterinary students, researchers, teachers.

Prof. (Dr.) J.P.Varshney, Former Principal Scientist (Veterinary Medicine, ICAR-IVRI Izatnagar), is presently working as Senior Consultant (Veterinary Medicine) at Nandini Veterinary Hospital, Surat (Gujarat). He is a clinical scientist of repute having a vast professional experience in the area of cardiology, canine internal medicine, exotic pet medicine, dietary disorders of ruminants, homeopathy in veterinary medicine, mastitis, and equine medicine. He had been a visiting faculty in the area of cardiology in veterinary colleges. He has been bestowed with Dr. K.S. Nair Memorial Gold Medal-1990, Dr. C.G. Bhaskar Gold Medal—1996, Ram Lal Agrawal Gold Medal-1997, Award of Merit-2001, Award of Honour-2002, Best Teacher Award 2003-2004 (IVRI, Izatnagar), PETCARE Award for Canine Excellence-2005 and Dr. C.M. Singh Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award-2020 besides many other awards. Apart from publications in national/international scientific journals of repute, chapters in books, bulletins and monographs, his books on “Equine Parasitic Diseases and Their Management (ICAR-IVRI Izatnagar Publication, 2003),“Research Findings -Homeopathic Bio- efficacy and Management of Animal Health (Sintex International limited, Kalol, 2007) ,“Electrocardiography in Veterinary Medicine” (Springer Nature, Singapore, 2020), “Ultrasound in Veterinary Medicine: Fundamentals and Applications “(NIPA, New Delhi, 2022) are the testimony of his clinical acumen and contributions in the field of clinical veterinary medicine.

Section 1. Basics

1. Basics of Ultrasound  J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

2. Ultrasonography and Ultrasound Machine J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

3. Doppler Ultrasound J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

4. Ultrasound Guided Biopsy J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

Section 2. Canine and Feline

5. Ultrasound of The Liver and Gall Bladder J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

6. Ultrasound of The Spleen J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

7. Ultrasound of The Stomac-h J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

8. Ultrasound of The Intestines J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

9. Ultrasound of The Pancreas J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

10. Ultrasound of The Urinary Tract J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

11. Ultrasound of The Reproductive Tract J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

12. Ultrasound of The Thyroid and Parathyroid J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

13. Ophthalmic Ultrasound J.P. Varshney

14. Ultrasound of The Brain and Nervous System J.P. Varshney

15. Ultrasound of Muscles, Tendons Joints and Bones J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

16. Cardiac Ultrasound Neetu Saini and J.P.Varshney

17. Ultrasound of The Thorax (Lungs, Pleura, Mediastinum and Thoracic Wall) J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

18. Sonographic Variations in Dogs and Cats J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

19. Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

20. Sonographic Findings in Diseases: At A Glance J.P. Varshney

Section 3. Other Animals

21. Ultrasound in Ruminants J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

22. Ultrasound in Equines J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

23. Ultrasound in Exotic Pets J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

Section 4. Therapeutic Ultrasound

24. Therapeutic Ultrasound J.P. Varshney and P.S. Chaudhary

Section 5. Case Studies

25. Sonograms in Different Diseases of Animals: Case Studies J.P. Varshney, P.S.Chaudhary and Neetu Saini